The world will be nothing if women are train with masculine personalities-Ekweozor Ebuz Emmanuel

Have you ever wondered why men always complain about everything women do? Women laugh too much, they cry too much, they are too soft, they love stupidly, they are too jealous, they use make up for men to like then, they pay too much attention to children, they like money too much, they talk a lot, they watch romantic movies instead of sports, they do everything too much. It’s almost like men want women to be like men and do everything men do. They believe only men’s behavior are valid and so women should behave like them. But have you ever wondered what life would be like if women where programmed by God to be like women.

Imagine a woman with all her female physical features but make emotions, logics, male reasoning, male actions and reactions, male sentiments and all. Just the outer case is female. Have you wondered what our lives would be like? Imagine if women weren’t soft and concerned, if they weren’t sensitive or wired to be loyal to family. Have you wondered what nurturing kids would be like? Have you wondered what marriages would be like? What would love be like? Would the world really be better as most men claim?.

Imagine if the woman’s ego ride on super wings like that of the man, if she can walk out of relationships without blinking, if she makes decisions that favor her because she believes she has reasoned it well . Close your eyes and picture a woman with her soft exterior but hard interior. Do you think you can live with that? Will men be happier marrying a woman with female physical features but masculine personality, mannerisms, thought process/ pattern, mindset, way of life and ego? I doubt it.

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