These tips will protect your hair from harmattan dryness

It seems slower than normal, but harmattan is coming. We can already feel the heat, unpredictable weather and dryness.
Harmattan is hot and dry and cold, three conditions that your hair will definitely not love. So protect your mane from the elements and the changing weather.
Protectively style: This is not the season to fly your hair out, completely exposed to breakage. No, sis. Braids, weaves, wigs, and low-manipulation styles will do more to keep your hair moisturized and safe from breaking.
Cover your hair when it’s windy: You’ll notice that if you let your hair fly in the wind when traveling, by the end of the journey it will be dry and brittle. Debut those beautiful scarves you know you have, and if they’re satin, that’s even better!
Moisturise: Water, oil and a sealant is your friend. Whether your hair is protectively styled or not, spray with water every day and oil to shine and help the moisture seal.
Sleep safe with satin/silk: If you don’t like using bonnets or scarves, then get pillowcases that won’t break your hair.
Don’t worry, by the time harmattan is over, your healthy hair will be ready to be unveiled.

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