Things that can hinder and stop a woman from getting married

Every man knows what he wants when it comes to choosing a life
partner. If you want, fix N1m hair, put on the most expensive
clothes, fix the longest nails, rub the highest make-up or give him
the highest and latest style on bed, it wouldn’t and will never
make him propose.


Most ladies don’t care about what they post on facebook. Any
man that wants to date you must first ask you if you are on
facebook. Some of them use it to access the kind of lady you are.
You want to settle down, every time you upload pics you snap with
different guys, different cars and different hotels. You update post
like Alcohol or flexing thing on mind, clubbing mood activated, last
night was really hot and sweet, ‘boo’ you are the best, feeling
horny etc. any man that’s sees this kind of update will only come
to you with sweet month just to follow chop and clean mouth.
Some men can do anything, tell you what you want to hear as in
go to extra mile just to have a test of your punny. When they get it,
they will start behaving some how just to discharge you and move
to the next victim.


95% of men likes to eat at home. If your man doesn’t eat your
meal, please check very well maybe you don’t know how to cook.
Don’t always go to fast food with your man to eat. Once in a while,
tell him to give you that money let you prepare delicious meal for
both of you and it will be bigger, sweeter and cheaper. This will
make him see sign of wife material in you and some one that can
manage. If you always eat fast food with him, he will spend the
money on you, use you, dump you and look for a homely girl that
knows how to cook when he wants to settle down.


This one is the major part that scares men away. Even the poorest
guy will still tell you that you are a gold digger while he doesn’t
even have a pin let alone gold to dig. Please ladies don’t be too
demanding, unless you know the guy wants to just chop and clean
mouth. Nut some men that are married today are victims of this.
They may have intention of coming to chop and clean mouth but
seeing your character, they will cherish you and propose to you. I
believe that any responsible man that truly loves you must love to
spend on you no matter how little he has. Unless the guy doesn’t
care. Every responsible man knows his responsibilities in the
family. Being too demanding, will only scare him away.


Men loves girls that put on less or natural make-up when it comes
to life partner. If you are the type that put on too much make-up
and your man doesn’t tell you or complain, please just bear in mind
that right deep inside him, you are just his sex mate, flexing outing
mate. When he wants to settle down, he will go for a natural
looking girl. That is when you will be asking yourself what he saw
in this local girl. Please dear, he knows what he saw in her and
also what he wants when it comes in terms of marriage. Abi you
wan use the whole feeding money for house de buy make-up?


You can’t be 24 and above and be dating a guy of 22-27 to start
pressurizing you about marriage in this our country. As a young
lady, immediately you are approaching 24yrs, always date a
serious and matured minded person that is at least from 28yrs
upwards because some of his thinking will also be on choosing a
life partner. Remember ladies have time. Una be like fruits.


90% of unmarried matured ladies today was caused by this. Ladies
have to know that they are like flowers and they have time. Ask
some matured unmarried ladies today if one or two guys or more
didn’t ask their hands in marriage. Many of them had suitors but
because of the love they had for guy ‘A’ made them to reject those
suitors thinking that guy ‘A’ will marry them. Please love fades with
time. They will be highly frustrated when the so called guy ‘A’ will
share his wedding invitation or they hear it from someone that guy
‘A’ is getting married to another girl leaving heart broken after
3-5yrs of dating and waiting for him. It may take you more years
to recover from the heart break with the impression that all men
are the same. All this years of dating plus the heart broken years
will now be wasted years. Before you know it, you will be old
already. Majority of guys now no matter their age go for young
girls for marriage. We are having sweet beautiful girls every day.
Who no like better thing? One thing you have to know is that guys
don’t reason like women. A guy can never open his mouth and tell
you he wouldn’t marry you. He will always tell you things like
future will tell, let;s look upto God etc. this waiting of a thing,
always make us to miss our right partner thinking that this person
is our right spouse. No matter how long you date someone, you
will never know they person unless you guys are married. Please
ladies, always pray and settle down with someone that is ready
and loves you. Try and love the person you married. He is the only
one that deserves your true love. Moreover the highest love should
come from your husband and respect/ submission from wife. That
is the standard of God. If your man loves you, he can do anything
for you including respect. But no matter how a wife loves his
husband, if she doesn’t respect the man or she is not submissive
to the man, the marriage may not last. Please ladies, let us pray to
God to direct us to our right spouse and don’t allow your flesh to
choice for you all in the name of love if not, that marriage wouldn’t


This is another major reason why most matured ladies didn’t
marry on time or are not even married. The worst mistake any
woman will make is to marry a man because of appearance,
pocket size, height, size, super man on bed etc. please marry
someone that God has destined for you. Marry someone that loves
you, respect you, cherish you, will take you like his own blood, can
do anything for you, will always want to see you happy, etc. every
woman needs a man that will pet her, be there for her and
understand her feelings in marriage. Please marriage is not a
relationship. A lot of women have married such men because of
appearance, height, pocket size, etc but where is the marriage
today? Please there is more to marriage than appearance, height,
pocket size, super man on bed, etc. Ask any married woman, she
will tell you that. A man may be rich today and poor tomorrow.
Also a man may be poor today and rich tomorrow. Marry a man
that has prospect. Though some of those guys do mess you when
the money start coming in. they wouldn’t remember how the girl
suffered for them and was there for them in hard times. God will
reward you. There is nothing that hurts a woman in marriage than
being married to a pride man, abusive man, wife beater, and the
worst is being married to an unfaithful man. You will end-up
looking like a rag in your home because your heart will be full of
bitterness and anger which will turn you into a nagging wife and it
may lead you to cheat too because its women that do conceive,
you may take in because any slightest drop of sperm must bring
an offspring if you are in your fertile period. But when you are with
a faithful spouse, you will be the happiest person on earth,
peaceful and you will feel at home in your husband’s house.
Please always pray for God’s direction. Don’t allow your flesh to
choose your spouse for you.


Please know the kind of friends you keep. Many ladies have
missed their Mr. right today just because of questions like ‘what
will my friends say?’ ‘my friends will laugh at me’ etc. everybody’s
destiny is not the same. For the fact that lady ‘A’ married a rich,
handsome guy doesn’t mean you must marry the same. Your
destiny may be to build your home with your spouse or etc. please
let me tell you something, those your friends will still be the one to
mock you if eventually you didn’t marry. You will see your mates
rocking their kids while you are all alone looking at what your
friends will say.

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