All the personnel of the Nigerian Army are just seventy three
thousand and twenty one (73,021!).
All the personnel employed by the Nigerian police are two hundred
and thirty three thousand four hundred and eighty eight (233,488!)
The Civil Defense is manned by slightly over seventy thousand
Now pay attention. The entire fulani tribe including those in Chad,
Niger Republic and other parts of West Africa combined number
about six million (6,000,000!)
The whole Hausa tribe with the other minority tribes attached to
them number between thirteen to fifteen million (13,000,000/
15,000.000)Almost the same figure as Benue, Adamawa, Plateau,
Kaduna and Nasarawa States indigenes combined!
The current population of Nigeria is approximately two hundred
million people (200,000,000!)
If you add up all the number of the whole Hausa tribe and all the
armed forces and the whole foolani tribe, if your math is correct,
you discover that these people are actually a little over twenty
million (20,000,000) which means just ten percent (10%) of the
entire population of Nigeria!
Now, can someone please explain to me how the fear of twenty
million people have reduced the rest of the over one hundred and
eighty million (180,000,000) to wailers and cry cry Babies on social
media? Everytime they kill us and we run and vent on social media,
threaten to bring down the sky, bury our dead and life goes on!
Last time we buried 72 people, including women and children! At
Ozubulu it was 24! At Nimbo they killed 55 people sleeping in their
homes! The same things happen in Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Edo, Delta
etc! When will we say ‘Enough is enough!’
America will not come! Russia, China and Saudi Arabia might
instigate the whole Arab world against them! They have been
sidelined and they know it! Saudi Arabia is the new boss now! You
all saw what happened when Trump recognized Jerusalem as
Israel’s capital! Now you know why the first thing Buhari did as
president was join the Saudi Arabia Group!
The Islamic Republic of Britain will not come for obvious reasons!
The United Nations are truly useless without those two so they
won’t come either!
They don’t even hide it anymore, Russia produces Automatic
Kalachnikovs (AK 47s)and supply the Saudi Arabia Group of which
Nigeria, Iran, Turkey etc are member states! Now containers
coming into Nigeria from Turkey and Iran are bundled from Lagos
to the Kaduna Dry Port where they vanish! You can guess their
To the observant eyes, the presence of the Hausa/FOOLani in our
southern States are increasing even in our villages! The Nigerian
Army have also freed all the Boko Haram prisoners, some of whom
are alleged to have been conscripted into our armed forces! These
are some of the plans to make the killings not appear as what they
really are – ETHNIC CLEANSING!
There excuses for killing in the East and South South will be the
IPOB and militants unless our thick-headed governors lift the
prescription of the peaceful group now!
The excuse to shoot up young people in the West side are many!
They might arrest several high profile individuals eg OBJ to
provoke the youths into taking to the streets to protest! You can
imagine the rest!
They first tested the depth of the waters with their Python and
Crocodile operations and nothing happened!
They plan to make these moves before or during elections so that
they will not handover! They’ll attack us(S/E, S/S & S/W) on every
side simultaneously! Exactly what we should do to them now!
The only language the FOOLani understands is violence and fear!
They have fled Ghana in droves peacefully! They quietly leave
anywhere they are resisted strongly!

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