Things you shouldn’t do or say to a grieving person

Sometimes, in our attempts to help a grieving person we end up making things worse for them. Here are some things you should avoid saying or doing to a grieving person:
1. Others have it worst: yes they may but that doesn’t magically make their problems disappear.
2. Trespass too much on their personal space: people need space, especially when they are grieving. You have to learn when to come close and when to give them their own space when they need it.
3. Talking too much: sometimes when people are going through something, they need you to just sit quietly with them and talking too much might lead you to say something that is wrong or will push them further into their grief.
4. Start talking about your own problems and experiences: when people are grieving the last thing they need to hear is your own problems or how you had it worse. You are not being helpful at all and that is not an opportunity to start a problems marathon.
Good intentions are not always enough to help a grieving person know what to do and what to avoid.

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