The world will soon be without a living soul, this is because of the third world war which is going to affect the world soon, off course so many indicators has shown and portray that the world will soon be in chaos due to the long awaited  third world war. As an intuitive political analyst,
The major indicator that will lead to the future third world war is the organizations which are meant to promote world peace and security, organizations such as the United Nation Organization etc. The United Nation Organization will be the major determinant of this third world war. The First World War (1914-1918) was recorded due to the inability of the League of Nation (1919) to maintain peace and security in the world, this is going to repeat itself with the United Nation Organization. Because when you look at the problems the world is passing through, most of them are cause by the so called big five of the United Nation and considering it weakness such as the problems of disarmament, where countries like North Korea are continuously and will always continue to be a threat to the world peace and security, because is hard to forgive the kind of damages the United States of America has done to the Asian world historically. More so United Nation is claim to be fighting against disarmament in the world yet they are the ones in control of the world’s most deadly weapons, you talk of countries like USA, RUSSIA AND CHINA who are continuously building chemical, atomic, and biological weapons secretly and come out in open to fight against North Korea.
The United Nation under the control of the big five is an agent of neocolonialism, the are only concern with those issue that will benefit the so called Big  five of USA, RUSSIA, BRITAIN, FRANCE, CHINA. Any other issue that will not benefit this big five will be overruled by this big five. However they forget the fact that countries are building up strongly, and waiting for another opportunity to revenge and to show to the world that they are capable of controlling the affairs of the world. Most of the countries in the world are not committed and loyal to this organization because of the dirty politics played by United Nation Organization. (update coming soon)


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