This effects are why you should stop drinking cold water

Many singers can’t stop taking cold water and cold stuffs
generally, this tips will help you manage such habit especially
when you understand directly its implication on your voice. Pls
read patiently.
In the World of Vocal pedagogy its a strong debate weather or not
Cold water affects the Voice.
Some are of the opinion it doesn’t, while others say it does.
Here is what you should understand
Your larynx (the voice box) is made up of the Vocal Folds which is
the main vibratory component in your voice.
One of its major characteristic is that it can either get cold or
warm. This is why when you get so cold it reflects on your voice.
Most vocal teachers advocate that students stay off cold water
1 Since the vocal Fold’s shrink and get tightened up once it is
cold, it will make singing difficult.
2 A habit of Taking cold stuffs on regular basis will condition the
voice with weak vibratory vocal folds, tightened vocal cords and it
might likely increase more chances of a greater production of
mucous this may differ according to peoples allergies.
While some others are of the opinion that:
1 Cold water maybe taken at other times, but should be avoided
few minutes and hours to singing
2 Water is great for the body, cold or warm it doesn’t matter.
This are the 2 sides of thoughts as regards cold water.
Howbeit an experiment conducted by Ashley Hyde on “How cold
water affects your vocal range” She tested this using four girls, all
around the same weight and size. For each test, she had each girl
sing a G scale (the keyboard scales help to measure the range you
can hit). Then, they drank a cup of cold water (42 degrees
Fahrenheit) and sang the scale again. She recorded how they sang
it before and after they drank the water. She noticed they could not
hit the notes they were hitting before, some who succeeded in
hitting the note did so with great difficulty. And thus she concluded
that Cold water affects your Range.
From proven facts Cold water affects more singers than less
Cold water has a numbing effect on the Voice and could make it
lousy and make it difficult to vibrate freely.
Thus even for health benefits, Doctors advice greatly that patients
stay away from habitual intake of cold stuffs.
Mastering the discipline to control your Habit as regards cold water
will benefit you as a singer on the long run.
I also carried out a personal experiment, for two weeks I was
constantly taking cold stuffs, night or day, after two weeks I
resumed my vocal workouts, first I noticed it became difficult to
access my head voice range, hitting notes I was usually
comfortable with before became difficult, after one week of vocal
work out I went back to the studio to complete the voicing for my
“Song None like you” first I discovered I couldn’t hit the ranges I
was hitting comfortably. Even though I hit it, it wasn’t smooth and
strong as it used to be. I learnt my lesson. (That’s why if you listen
to None like you especially close to the end of the song, a good
vocal observer will observe that I didn’t hit some notes with ease,
well thanks to the studio, hehe)
Here is an experiment you should try out. Take 2 weeks and just
stay without cold water or cold stuffs, stay with warm stuffs
instead and monitor what your voice will look like, try it again and
go back to cold water for 2 weeks and see the difference.
3 things you should know from all this:
1 Your vocal muscle can be very adaptive. It can welcome and
adapt to the conditions you give to it, once you have a 24/7 habit
of taking cold stuffs your vocals will adapt to vocal weakness and
shrinking and at last it will lead to limiting the range you should be
accessing with your voice.
2 Your vocals need a warm feeling to vibrate freely and produce
firm, strong and steady sound when you sing.
3 If you still take cold stuffs pretty well and you still sing well, that
habit of taking cold stuffs will limit your vocal abilities. There are
more things and ranges your voice could access than it is
accessing presently. This habit will hamper you from accessing it.

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