This is my experience with yahoo boys(ritualist) and why you should never trust them as a lady

I am a 300level university student. I want to advice my fellow
students who think they can eat their cake and still have it. Back
then in the hostel, I looked like the most miserable. Everything
about me looked awkward and out-dated because I refused to do
what my fellow female students were doing. I belonged to a
fellowship and happened to be the secretary.
There are these group of rich young guys who always come to
school to pick girls with their exotic cars. Rachel my roommate will
never let me be. She would always persuade me to hang out with
them. Rachel was so hot. She was using the latest iPhone. In
short, Rachel was very rich because of those guys popularly known
as Gee guys or Yahoo boys always shower her with lots of money.
The persuasion of Rachel became severe the very first day those
boys saw the both of us together. One of them tried talking to me
but I didn’t give listening ears to him. Rachel went as far as giving
him my phone number. Every morning, these guy would wake me
up with his calls and his romantic messages. He sent many gifts to
me through Rachel which I rejected. My roommates who were of
the same category with Rachel would call me names like sister
Mary, holy Nweje, Kabasher all because I refused to join their
company. They would always jest and make mockery of me in the
room. One day my phone fell from the staircase and got damaged.
I was still considering on how to tell my parents that the new phone
they bought for me has damaged, when Cynthia unveiled her new
iphone 6x. Cynthia was just a 100level student who recently joined
us in the room. Her status challenged immediately she joined
Rachel and her cohort. Her Gee friends must have been taking
very good care of her. When I called my father to tell them that my
phone got damaged, he was very angry but promised to buy
another one for me.
One week later, he sent a new Tecno phone for me which was little
bigger than the one I was using. To be sincere I was not happy. I
was expecting a bigger one or probably an iphone. Soon, the
money he normally sends to me at the end of every month could
not reach me again. I wanted to be living big like Rachel and
Cynthia; always cooking with chicken, always subscribing my
phone, buying expensive clothes and accessories. I tried
competing with them. The more I tried to compete with them, the
more they beat me. When I could not beat them, I decided to join
them. When I told Rachel, she never knew I was serious until I
dressed up that evening to follow her. Few minutes after we came
out of the hostel, two guys alighted from their Toyota Venza and
picked us. After eating and drinking in their apartment that night,
one of them asked me to come over to his room. Of course I knew
what was going to happen and I was ready for it. When I retired to
his bed, he started by kissing and caressing my body. All of a
sudden, he stopped and left me on the bed. Few minutes later, he
came back and started asking me questions about myself. After
much questions, we both came to know that we came from the
same state and probably the same town. He even knew my village
but refused to tell me his. He told me that he stopped touching me
when he saw that I was still a virgin and wanted to know more
about me and why I chose that kind of life. That night, he gave me
N20,000 and advised me to stop following GEE boys. He dropped a
statement saying, ‘If girls knew what we [GEE boys] do with them
they would never follow us no matter what we offer to them. When
he said this, I thought he was trying to say that they will still dump
us for other girls or that they [GEE boys] will not marry us after
sleeping with us, but I was totally wrong. I thought that all these
was just because I was still a virgin and also because we
eventually hail from the same place, I didn’t heed to his advice
because I had already made up my mind to break my virginity and
go the other way round. I left the following morning with Rachel
but never told her what happened. I only begged her never to take
me to that guy again, besides there were many other GEE guys in
Few days later, I followed Rachel, Cynthia and two other girls from
our school to a night party in the town. Rachel introduced us to
these rich and young looking guys. We partied with them after
which they drove us to their apartment. Truly, these boys were
living large. Their house was beautiful that I felt like not leaving
again, they chose us one after another after which we retired to
their different rooms, but the guys were still at the sitting room
drinking and smoking. After about an hour, I was pressed and
decided to go and ease myself. I left the room and on my coming
out, I heard the boys discussing. I was like, ‘let me do small
amebo’. I gently went closer to them and heard the shock of my
life. I heard them angrily saying in regret that ‘that day was a bad
market, and that it was only me amongst the other girls that still
have a womb and that other GEE guys had already used the womb
of the other four girls for rituals. They must have viewed us
spiritually to know this. I was so terrified and my body started
shaking in fear and anxiety. I fearfully sneaked back to the room,
took my bag and managed to escape through the back door. It was
about 11:30pm. By the grace of God, I found a taxi that took me
back to school that night. I was seriously panting when I returned
but I refused to say what happened to me. Rachel and the other
girls returned the following morning and was very mad at me. They
said the guys got very angry for what I did. But neither the guys
nor my roommates knew the reason why I ran away that night.
They really attacked me verbally but I didn’t respond.
I really thank God for saving my life. He gave me another change
after misusing the other ones. Please my fellow girls, I didn’t put
up this to frighten anyone but it’s a call for carefulness. Please
mind the kind of life you live. All that glitters are not gold. Be
contented with what you have. All these GEE guys you see carrying
big cars around are into what is called GEE plus, that is the ritual
part of it. Yahoo Yahoo will not and will never pay you well, if you
did not do plus [ritual]. Who in this 21st century will blindly
transfer millions of dollars to you when you did not use jass on
him/her. Again, most of these guys you see carrying big cars
around are not all GEE guys as they claim to be. Most of them are
just ritualist sacrificing their live span by shortening it, using their
manhood or using their loved ones. Most guys don’t waste their
time again pressing their laptops and looking for whom to fraud,
they go straight to ritual. Some girls will say, let me go eat the
money he had stolen from white people through fraud, but they
never knew what they are doing to themselves. Imagine how I
could have lost my womb and remain barren for life just because
of my greed. I’m still afraid to tell my roommates what those guys
said about them. Some girls has ignorantly exchanged their stars,
womb, with money, phone and other material things.
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