This is what will happen to Nigeria if killing continues – Paul Unongo

Former minister of Steel, Wantaregh Paul Unongo, has stated that
Nigeria will no longer exist if the killings of citizens by Fulani
herders continue.
The elder statement decried the continued killings in Benue State
and other parts of the country.
Unongo warned that Nigeria was gradually sliding into a no-state.
The former chairman of the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, was
reacting to last Sunday’s attack on Kwande, his local government
area, by suspected herdsmen which left eight persons dead, many
injured with several property destroyed.
He spoke yesterday shortly after leading his kinsmen from Kwande
to a meeting with Governor Samuel Ortom in Makurdi, urging the
Federal Government to stand up to its responsibility by ending the
bloodbath in the country.
Unongo said, “My reaction to this latest killings is like I do in all
killings anywhere in the world, they shouldn’t have happened.
“I am calling on the Federal Government to do the needful by
taking effective action to contain all killings.
“The primary responsibility of the President and the government is
not just the enthronement of law and order, it is also the protection
of lives and property of the people and citizens of that country.
“If we cannot stay in our homes anymore, there would be no
Nigeria. It is a fact.
“I pray that as journalists you all will tell the government that these
killings have to stop. Government must suppress the killings
because it is not doing anybody any good.


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