This is why i dont respect Nigerian politics and it politicians

A certain book luncheon took place in Abuja this past Saturday.
Among the attendees were some of my most highly respected
friends. Not even in my wildest dreams would I believe people as
principled as that could be recruited by Buhari and his cohorts. It is
beyond ridiculous.
every fibre of conviction. I know most of these people pretty well.
We’ve been in the trenches together a long time.
A certain promoter of the book was rather untidy in the modus
operandi adopted for the invitation. And knowing the overflowing
emotions in these perilous times, I reached out to a couple of my
friends at the venue. Their explanations were absolutely
satisfactory and I made this known to them. Yet, I cautioned them
to watch it as there would most likely be a backlash from those
who would feel betrayed. And that was it. My participation in the
whole thing ended. I might have “lolled” at a post or two critiquing
the event but that doesn’t make me allege, accuse or insinuate that
those that attended the event were sellouts. For goodness sake, I
know a few pretty well and I know they are unshakeable!
I never alleged anything or impugned some dishonesty amongst
those of mine that attended. My opinion was aired to just two
persons I cherish so much among them and the air was cleared.
This recent perception that Baron accused or alleged some stuff is
beneath me; I am carved from a different rock. I say what I mean
and mean what I say. If I had been accused of something, and
someone I hold in high esteem believes I did impugn, then I
absolutely apologize. I hate being disrespected and would never
knowingly disrespect another.
My aim on Facebook is to either tear down this structure or have
the country split into manageable sovereigns. Nothing else
interests me! Not APC or PDP, not elections!
I detest controversies and I feel personally hurt. If I didn’t respect
you, why would I reach out to you and even publicly defend you? If
I had inadvertently wronged you and others, I apologize
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