This is why Southern Nigeria is one Nation-Samuel Bassey

The issue that we are facing as a people didnt starts today, and I
dont blame this present generation for having this difficulties in
identifying who they are or where they belong. Rather I blame the Nigerian system for wiping out our history as a people even before we were born. Those that conquered our past are the ones controlling our future. But where i blame this generation is their inability to ask questions, conduct research and come up with their own findings to disproves all the lies they were fed with and sometimes u dont expect them to know what is happening in others place when they are still there in their home. The question we should be asking now is; how do we identify one people? And the answer is ….we identifies one people using value system that is our way of life, something that comes to us naturally.
Some of us may claimed that because we are speaking different
languages means that we are not one. And i will use Akwaibom
as an example ( how many tribes in that state can understand oron
language. Does that means that we are not from the same parent?)
The fact that we can speak english does not quarantee’s us to be
English(England). Language can be studied but value system is what that remans inborn in us and that is exactly who we are!
What is our way of life? There is something unique about us that should justify our existence as one people;

1-OUR FOOD: there is no big difference in the way we cook, infact
we eat almost the same food

2- CLOOTHING: almost all of us knows that we appear in the same
traditional attire esp our cap.

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3-CULTURE: I was shoched when i saw the indegen of imo and abia
playing ekpo(mascurade) and the mini fight (oron call it mbok)
The only variation that exist is our cultural dance but we appear in
the same cultural dress.

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4-BELIEVE AND ADAGE/PROVERB:If u can translate most of igbo
proverbs you will agree with me that we are saying the same thing,
for example… Igbo says ‘ ezioku bu ndu ‘ (truth is life) and our
people says ‘akpanikoh ado unwana’ igbo answers
‘ahamefula’ (my name should not be lost) while my mum named
me imaobong and told that i am the commemoration of their fore
Many of us think crude oil is what unite us thats is why we are
very comfortable answering niger delta(regions that has oil).
It is time for us to make our own decision instead of allowing
others to make for us.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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