This is why you are doomed for graduating with 2:2 in Nigeria

As a Secondary School leaver, you must credit English language,
Mathematics and other relevant o’level subjects to be considered
for a merit admission that might never come through.
As a graduate with a 2.2 grade, your life in the job market is
already doomed regardless of your intellectual prowess and job
capacity. Only grace, tenacity and chance can ever help you rise
above all the scorn and dismissal that will militate against your
efforts in securing a decent job.
Then NYSC. That certificate that determines your viability in the job
market. That piece of paper that companies regard even higher
than the certificate you burned midnight candles to acquire.
Yet in 2018, we have irresponsible clowns as political leaders who
lead us closer to our graves everyday with qualifications that range
from an over the top dancing step to a hundred and fifty cows.
At least WAEC has confirmed that, indeed Senator Adeleke sat for
its May/June examinations in 1981. Even though he only sat for
English language in which he had F9 and didn’t show up for other
registered subjects.
Unlike the one who declared his herd and three huts as a
qualification and even hired 13 SANs to defend his non existent
This country is a freak show and everyday you realize how
disenfranchised you are from the wealth as a rank and file in the
society. The system discriminates your every effort at self
development yet rewards these economic robbers whose mental
acuity is as vague as the air inside a doll’s head.
Maybe we deserve our leaders. Maybe we do not. But you know
the minimum qualification for an elective position as agreed by the
constitution is WASSCE/GCE. No efficient yardstick to measure
social and intellectual credibility.
What does this mean?
The system churns out leaders that are replicas of your provision.
It’s garbage in, garbage out. Illiterates who masquerade as
politicians, bullying their way into power through illicit connections
and stomach politicking.
So you might argue that education and a certain level of self
development has nothing to do with the performance and delivery
of any government. Well, you may be right. there are so many
examples around us to buttress that argument.
But then again, considering that you live in a fast paced world that
springs up digital trends and innovations on a per second. Don’t
you think we need leaders whose mental acuity and portfolios are
reflections of the changing dynamics and realities of our world?
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