This is why you need to set a price for yourself as a lady

It is one thing for a man to demand for s3x in a relationship
leading or assumed to lead to marrriage. It is another thing to
decisively say yes or no to him. It is also a different subject to end
the relationship, if he insist or become arrogant over the subject
but ending the relationship should be done by him, not by you,
and that should be the least of your headaches, whether he stays
or not. Your role is to be yourself and maintain your principles.
That is, set your price tag. Men are drawn to values – that is the
value you set on yourself. Different men goes for different women
with different values set. This is why it is so important for a
woman to know, improve and keep improving her self value
because that is what men are drawn to. A man that struggle with
his values are drawn to women that struggle with their value too.
Such men are easily attracted or sight promiscuous women or
knows every location for prostitution centers. In essence, a man
defines you, relate with you and operate with you based on the
value you have set for yourself. My point is, whether he decides to
stay or not is in his ability or inability to come to your standard.
Any wise woman ought to maintain her standard. Refuse to
compromise amidst of his pressure and panting. We just saw
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Daughter getting married few weeks
ago, setting example to young women all of the world and the
importance of celebrating the different stages of marriage. For
Brother Philipp to have made up his mind to propose and marry
Pastor Sharon means, he himself must have been attracted by her
values and convinced that he is up to the task to run, relate and
operate with her in her standard. Men are drawn to values – that is
the value you define and placed on yourself as a woman.


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