This life is not worth fighting for, Everybody deserves some respect

Some years back, it was the most beautiful house in the 1960s in
kenya. The owner was the richest man in whom all looked up to for
support. The vehicle was a cynosure of all eyes. It was like a
dream come true when the owner added both house and vehicle to
his list of possession. But today, the properties have grown old and
in fulfillment of the natural law, must collapse for a new house to
develop. Should anyone be found living inside this building as it
stands now, such a person is labelled as “insane” and must be
kept at arm’s length.Nothing in life is worth fighting for. Your best
clothes is someone’s rag. Your account balance is someone’s
donation at a function. Your presidential power is someone else’s
equivalent of managing a farm. Your girlfriend/ boyfriend/fiance/
fiancée is someone’s ex. Every single prostitute you see in a hotel
or on the street at night was at some point in time a virgin. So
what is the squabble all about? Life is too small to feel bigger or
better than anybody.“We are all naked to death,” says Steve Jobs.
Nothing can save us from it. I hate to see people who brag about
wealth, beauty, intelligence, level of education,fame and material
possessions. There is nothing you have achieved in life that no one
else has never gotten. There is only one thing that is worth
bragging, which is:“the purpose of why you were created: to
worship God”. So, be good to your fellow man and always make
good friends.Always remember that the people you trampled upon
on your way up a ladder will be the same set of people you are
likely to pass on your way down.So, cause no problem for others
because if you do, they will become your very problem one day.
Finally, even banana stems will one day become dried leaves.So,
don’t be foolishly driven by material possession. It will soon grow
old and die.
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