This unhealthy behaviours during menstruation causes cancer

Strictly for Women on Menstruation (when a man who accepts
please proceed to the woman around you), if women are
menstruating, then don’t do these 4 things!,
Don’t drink ice water, Seltzer Water, and coconut during

Don’t wash because the pores are open during menstruation
because it can cause a headache (hit head), very dangerous this
effect can be felt when young and old.
Don’t eat cucumbers while having menstruation because the sap in
the cucumber can cause menstruation to be left in the uterus

In addition to menstruation, the body can’t knock, fall and hit by
hard objects especially part of the stomach because it can cause
blood vomit, the uterus can get hurt.

And this is “the origin of ovarian cancer” Research proves, drinking
ice when menstruation can cause menstrual blood left in the uterus
wall, after 5-10 years can cause “cysts & uterus cancer”. help this
info spread to many women’s good women, wives, our daughters,
or temana women , as we care about each other.

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