Those girls that have an affair with their secondary school teachers, wise thought- Emmanuel Anthony

Those of you ladies during ur time that slept with ur secondary
school teachers in pretence that they called u to their house in the
quaters to work for them and some of u even made ur teachers to
abandon their families which was their primary responsibilities cos
u felt u were hotter than fire(Hope the fire is not burning you now).
I believe that some of u are married now and fighting one SS2 or
SS3 girl cos she is dating ur husband and I hope u expect more
fight and the annoying aspect is wen u were spinning 360 on ur
teacher’s bed u were 18 and some 20 but the ones u are fighting
now are 14,15,16 years and u are rendering courses on them and
disturbing us in churches with prayer points forgetting that #karma
is catching up with u and u are reaping what u planted.
Where are the male teachers whom in pretence of teaching young
girls maths and sciences had ended up taking their virginity and
went free then and today married with grown up daughters in
secondary schools likes the ones u taught. Brothers, wen u retire
from ur job of destroying destinies the devil recruited another
teacher and one of the client the teacher is destroying her destiny
is ur daughter and u re blaming the system when u were one of the
architect the devil used to build the decadence.Brother #karma is
catching up with u.
Where are those that used their parents’ illitracy to lies and
increase school fees, tell them the school is on session while the
school is on break, the ladies that knew all the hotels rooms in
Lagos dou they were in Unilag; don’t worry ur children don’t need to
be taught how to do DAT but ur genes in them will teach them
Parents, pls stop hiding ur dark spots from ur children cos it will
manifest in them and expect 2x from them. You hid it cos u were
scared of their reaction when already some of the ladies knows
wat u and ur husband do in the bedroom taught by their teachers;
the males are expected in sleeping with ladies jux like their dads
did and going deep.into the dark dirty secrets of their parents. It
better u tell them ur past and the consequences u reaped and plead
with stop b4 it become a generational course.
Some parents complains that this generation is corrupt while they
were the architects and their children are jux manifesting the genes
inherited from them.
The Law of karma will always catch up with u so save the future
generation by telling them the truth cos a lot of parents are liars.
For instance, some parents told the children they were the best
academically and most behave in the society during their teenage
and youthful era while they were excellently poor and the notorious
cribs of the society, don’t worry #karma will tell the the truth.
In my christian journey I have come to know a God who forgive
sins but punishes wrong doing. David among others in the bible
will tell u that better. Some of us think because u have now
accepted Jesus and so all those bed you defiled,all those destiny
ur terminated(abortion) or because u are now a pastor u think God
will not give u a child to teach u a lesson and those dangerous
brothers that will defile girls in the city and come back to the
village to marry God will give u ur match and u will know that u
can’t run.
I recalled wen I was off age my uncles whom I grew up with told
the reality of wat I was doing and how it was connected to my
parents and I planned to kill the negative one and not pass it on, so
in view of that I expect some negative behaviors from my future
children cos they will be reward of wat I planted all I ask God is
grace to correct them but a lot of parents are pretending and
hiding from.the truth.
Don’t worry #karma will reveal ur true identity to them and u will
regrate u never told them.

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