Tinubu urges nigerians to vote for buhari

The leader of the  A P C Tinubu at Ikeja urges Nigerians to vote for Buhari . He stated that Nigerians is going to be better if Buhari returns in 2019 . He also stated that Nigerian’s ought not to give  P D P a chance to return in 2019 as he said P D P were so corrupt that they ruptured the nation’s economy.

The effects of that rupturing gave rise to the bad state in the economy, Buhari will move the country forward to an altitude they won’t expect. Buhari’s fight against corruption has recorded a huge success over the years  he also said that the president has recorded a general success over the years .

That statement is quite contradictory to what the president said a few days ago when he said that Nigerian situation is bad, was like a confession.

Other important dignitaries at the meeting was Ambode , his vice and a lot of other dignitaries . the meeting took place at A C M E, Ikeja.

People are furious over the point that tinubu made. Nigerian situation has improved under president Muhammadu buhari over the years.

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  1. I am not voting for that dead man o

  2. I doubt he’ll win this coming elections

  3. Somebody that will vote for buhari is that one a human being

  4. You no dey smile at all

  5. ??

  6. Y would i smile..He has not been of a benefit to me..He does not pay my bills

  7. I pray for positive change in this country despite who runs it..but buhari nah failure

  8. The person dey reason from his toes

  9. Even me I am vote Buhari again in next level

  10. This is not good

  11. Really

  12. Not again sir

  13. You can’t scam us anymore

  14. Am with you dear

  15. who carries the mandate with Buhari

  16. Ok

  17. For where

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