Tips on becoming a successful single mother

Being a single mom is not an embarrassment, you can still be a
mom and dad at the same time to your child, you dont need to
force a man to love your child, be proud to have your child no
matter how young you were when you gave birth to your child, you dont need to hate your child just because their father left you
after they appeared, you can still do it, you can still be the best
mom ever with or without a man, just because one man left you
doesnt mean all man are the same,doesnt meant that its the end of
the world, you just need to be positive. there are some women who are dying to have a child but they are unable to, so just consider yourself lucky to have your little one.

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  1. Ok

  2. To become a successful single mother,try to have God first in your life,and be cheerful to other children around you,love them,play with them,educate them,encourage them and teach them the right thing at the right so doing that u can become a successful single mother in future, because the children we remembered u for good

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