Tips on how to be a good husband

Dear husbands, please be the help that your wife needs to be the
perfect helpmeet that God has called her to be in your life. It’s just good manners, nothing more.
A few months ago I was in Calabar, checked into a hotel all nice
and comfy to stay for a few days. Each morning before stepping
out to my meetings I will dress the bed and make sure my clothes
and belonging are nicely arranged in the wardrobe. I will dress the
bed all nice like I have a degree in hotel management.
The only thing that would be left for the janitors to do is mop the
floor and make sure the bathroom is neat and tidy like they always
do. I am already used to the idea of tidying up my bed when I rise
in my house, because am training myself to think and act like a co-
helpmeet to my spouse.
In my head I’m always thinking “What can I do to help this wife of
God?”. A hotel room was no different, same discipline, same
thoughts, “what can I do to help this janitor of God?” . So I
lay the bed, arrange my clothes and underwear nicely in the
wardrobe, and make sure no trash was laying around before
stepping out.
One morning the janitor in charge of my room saw me stepping out
and rushed to greet me. With a strong Efik accent she was like “Sir,
I noticed you always crean your room whenever you are get out
everyday, I doesn’t know if you know that we have creaners who
come and crean the room everyday when the visitor go.”
I just smiled at her and said “Yes dear I know, am just doing
rehearsal for marriage, i love to help .”
You know for some of us who had some excellent upbringing.
Those days when you wake up the first thing is to pack your bed,
fold and arrange your bedsheets, sweep the house, sweep the
compound, sweep the street, sweep the roundabout, wash the
plates, warm the soup, fetch water. Enter daddy and mommy’s
room, sweep, lay the bed, check behind the door to see the heep of
clothes waiting for you to wash when you come back from school.
Without doing all these you cannot dare ask daddy for transport
money to go to school. this are everyday chores you
must do whether you are a boy or a girl. Wonderful upbringing. It’s
just so sad when a man grows up to convince himself that these
things are the responsibilities of his wife alone. So sad. All the
moral upbringing gone to waste.
Dear Godly husbands please do not let culture and tourism steal
the joy in your marriage. It is fun to help out, it is cultural to be
nice and helpful to another person. I have searched the scriptures
back and forth and found nowhere is it written that it is the
responsibility of your wife to make the bed, know when to draw the
line between culture and the scriptural responsibilities God wants
you to perform as a husband.
Some of you it is only when you want to make love that you dress
the bed and even buy new bedsheets. It is your official sex
language, when your wife comes in and sees the bed all layed with
a new pillow she runs back very fast and pretend like she has a
headache because she knows you want to kill somebody’s
daughter with s3x that night. It’s so wrong and selfish when a man
tries to do nice things for a woman because he wants to take
something from her.
Suprise yourself and your wife today. Lay the bed. Help out with
dishes. Sweeeeeeeeeep! The broomstick is not customized to fit
the hands of women alone. Take out the trash. Fold and arrange
your own clothes nicely, you did not marry a drycreaner . Do
nice things around the house, especially when you don’t want to
take anything from her.

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