Tips on how to build a strong trust in relationship

Nowadays, the reason why many relationships and marriages fail
is due to the lack of honesty, loyalty, communication, commitment.
But the greatest of all these things listed above is the lack of trust.
Just imagine a relationship based on lies, deceit and dishonesty,
sounds disgusting right? That’s how it is when you haven’t built
trust in your partner.
The happiest, most satisfying relationships rest on a foundation of
implicit trust. If you want your relationship to be all it can be, both
of you must learn how to create this kind of trust. No matter the
type of relationship, building trust is essential to creating a
sustainable and lasting bond with another human being.
Most people are afraid of revealing their true inner sides in love. At
first, the guy and the girl are scared to kiss, and then they’re
scared to go to second base, and then to the third. Once they get
past that, life gets a bit manageable and both of you start to open
up with each other.
Once you know how to build trust in a relationship, the relationship
enters the next little stage and gets much happier and relaxed.
Take the time to understand what your partner is looking for in a
relationship and make sure your needs and feelings are expressed.
When you begin there, building trust becomes much easier. To help
you take the next step, in this post “how to build long lasting trust
in your partner”, I will write on some ways that will definitely help
you build a long lasting trust in your partner.
The ways to build a long lasting trust in your partner are as
Be dependable

Being dependable is one of the biggest factors in knowing how to
build trust in a relationship. If your partner asks you to get
something on your way back to your place, do you get it or do you
forget it? It could be the little things or it could be the big ones, but
if you can be dependable, it makes all the difference in a happy
relationship. Think Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin, you just can’t
depend on them for anything, can you? So can you trust them in
your time of need? Of course not. So for you to gain your partner
trust, you must make sure you are a dependable person.

Never keep secrets

Trust needs openness. If you are planning on building a trusting
relationship, you must plan not to keep secrets and be open from
the get-go with your partner. Secrets erode relationships extremely
fast, so it’s important to be honest and upfront about issues that
arise together or individually. The best way to internalize these
qualities is by assuming that all the “secrets” that you know will
eventually come out.

Keep your promises

If you’re not dependable, you can’t expect your partner to be. To
show him you’re trustworthy, you have to be accountable: If he
asks you to watch his intramural basketball game, show up before
the first buzzer to secure a bleacher seat where he can see you
from the court. And if you say you’ll call him before bed, actually
pick up the phone before you tuck in. In essence anything you are
promised to do for him, DO it irrespective of the inconvenience.


Commitment is not a very “sexy” word or concept but it probably
has more to do with making relationships work than anything save
common values. Any close relationship is incomplete without
some degree of loyalty. Both people in the relationship must be
able to trust that the efforts they are devoting to the relationship
are not being made in vain. Commitment does not need to be a
burden but when in a trusting relationship can actually provide
stability and predictability which builds trust.

Be forgiving

Having to forgive is a principal thing when it comes to
relationships. Trusting doesn’t mean mistakes won’t happen and
when they do, be forgiving. Holding on to past transgressions will
only erode the trust in the relationship. We should feel the ability to
make mistakes and so should our partners, without it being a
constant source of contention. Letting go of the hurt, accepting the
apology and moving on builds a trust based on truth and love.

Support your partner

You got to have to be supportive to your partner, it is important in
any relationship to be supportive of the other person. It is even
more important to show that support when we are in a stage of
building trust. If one person in the relationship doesn’t feel that
they can take a risk, make mistakes or try new things without
support, the relationship will falter. On the other hand, being
supportive in good times and bad opens us up to living our truth
knowing someone has our back.
To build trust in a relationship is really a difficult thing to do but if
you work carefully with the above list, then it will probably be an
easy task. The basic principle of trust is easy: do what you say
you are going to do. Stay true to that and a trusting relationship
will naturally begin to form.

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