“During the civil war majority of Igbo people that were murdered in
the North were killed in train stations at Makurdi in Benue state just
as they were about getting home after being allowed to leave the
core North.
Women and children were brutally murdered without any mercy by
these fellow Christians even when the Northern Muslim Hausas
and Fulanis allowed them to leave their lands.
Today, their men are busy giving all sorts of excuses why they
cannot confront armed Fulani herdsmen in their villages and
ancestral lands even as they are routinely slaughtered?
These were the people that largely prosecuted the civil war on the
Nigerian side but in peace time they do not have the balls to
defend their heritage, history, honor, pride, ancestral lands, wives,
mothers and daughters?
Would it then be ok to say that their men are only courageous,
fearless and bold when it comes to confronting unarmed Igbo
women and children while clutching cutlasses and guns?
Gov Fayose of Ekiti state that cannot even order a single solider to
leave the barracks or give instructions to the state commissioner
of police successfully protected and defended Ekiti people from the
activities of these armed Fulani herdsmen yet the same people
that will always align with and vote with the North against things
like restructuring will want Nigerians to believe that the reason why
they cannot do anything is because the security agencies are
siding with the armed Fulani herdsmen?
All die na die. Better to die with dignity as a man defending
yourself than to allow yourself to be led to a slaughter house to be
slaughtered like a cow.
Cowards they say die a thousand times before their actual



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