My name is Angela, a well known prostitute,
i do prostitution to earn my living, i sleep with different men
and i do follow some to hotels or to their residents, We do gather in a particular hotel dancing and clubing until we see
Some men will have sleep with us but will refuse to pay the exact
amount, while some
will run away with our money.
Life have been terrible for me since i joined prostitution but i dont
know how to
come out of it because i earn my living from it.
Something happened one day, a preacher of the Gospel came to
that particular hotel where
we do sale our body for money, he was preaching and telling us to
repent before it will be
too late for us, other ladies in the same prostitution business got
angry with the preacher
and none of them listen to him.
The message he was preaching was heavily hitting my mind and i
decided to go and meet the man,
i met him and explained all my problems to him and told him that
am ready to leave the prostitution
business if he will help me.
He welcomed me and took me to his church and i repented and
stopped prostitution business, i gave
my life to Christ and became born again.
After one week of giving my life to Christ, i decided to go back to
that very hotel where i was before
to preach the gospel to them so that they too will repent, but i was
surprised when i got there,
I did not see any of those ladies into prostitution, everywhere was
scanty and i became confused.
Somebody came out from the hotel and broke a shocking news to
me, he said: that very night i left with the preacher,
armed robbers came to the hotel to rob one man and on the
process of robbing the man, they killed so many people
and all those my fellow prostitutes where killed also, none of them
escaped a bullet from the robbers because they
tried to attack the robbers and the robbers killed all of them without
They all died and was taken to mortuary.
This was how God delivered me, i would have been among the
dead prostitutes who failed to listen to the preacher that
very day, assuming i did not give my life to Christ and follow that
preacher to his church that day, i would have been
dead by now.
God really used the preacher to spare my life. I have come to
understand that everything that happens in life, weather good
or bad happens for a reason.
I give God the Glory.


  1. Good post

  2. Well…

  3. Ok

  4. Exactly

  5. Not only that you would have died with them but you would have join them to hell fire I will advise you to keep up the Christian life till your last mile on earth

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