Prof Osinbajo is the acting president of Nigeria, he is not just a
Professor of Law and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, but also a senior
pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.
it was alleged that Buhari left the country to enable members of
the National Assembly to successfully impeach my beloved Bukola
Saraki as Nigeria’s Senate President and possibly Yakubu Dogara
as the Speak House of Reps.
I woke up this morning reading a shocking news from Premium
times alleging that Men of the Department of State Security have
taking over the all entrance to the National Assembly.
While Buhari has been brandishing fake integrity as his selling
point, he needed to preserve that by travelling out of the country to
exonerate him from the planned illegality that is being plots with
his full blessings, he needs to know that we are not fools neither
are they World leaders that are monitoring the activities of our
as a Professor of Law and Senior of Advocate of Nigeria, above all
a Senior Pastor of a prominent Church with millions of followers, I
expect Osinbajo to strive to preserve the sanctity of of our
constitution while ensuring our nation is rule in godliness. Acts like
this is capable of leading many out of the faith that was once and
for all giving to us. If the vice president allows this illegality to
happen, he need to put on the sackcloth and cry for repentance,
while this is possible spiritually, Legal Privileges Committee have
to do the needful by kick starting a process of withdrawing his SAN
title from him as he is not worthy of it.
I hope Daddy Adeboye will not stay aloof and watch his boy
ridicule his salvation before the world.
Desperation didn’t make the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket to sale in 2015,
it was personal conviction. Similarly, in 2019 nozzles of guns won’t
decide the pattern of our voting but the careful analysis of the
4years mandate we handed you.
Power corrupts while absolute power corrupts absolutely. This
absolute power of acting presidency has absolutely corrupted Osinbajo.


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