Types Of Toxic Partners That Can Ruin Your Life

When you start dating, you believe that your partner is perfect, but when this romantic period ends, you see their true nature that you may not be able to handle. As a rule, these people don’t like their complicated character either, but they can’t do anything about it.


A relationship with a person suffering from addiction is complicated and exhausting. A person gets preoccupied with their addiction and it starts ruining their relatives’ lives. It’s not only about drugs, alcohol, and gambling. People can be addicted to anything: food, work, shopping, sports, and even love.


In real life, people who are prone to physical or psychological violence don’t look like negative movie characters. They often appear polite, nice, and even vulnerable. But as soon as such people feel they have power over others, they show their destructive nature. There’s only one way out: you have to run away!


We all need a shoulder to cry on from time to time. But there are “professional” whiners who turn their dissatisfaction into a lifestyle. They can’t ever be happy and always try to find a “victim” to complain about their poor life. If you date a true whiner, sooner or later, you’ll start feeling the same.

Childish adults

We all have an inner child and that’s great! But in some people, these “inner children” don’t let the adult personality develop. No matter why a childish adult hasn’t managed to grow up yet, their partner will turn into a parent or become a child too.

Emotionally unavailable

Some people consider natural emotions to be a sign of weakness. They have a need for love but they can’t get or give it. Emotional unavailability may either be a sign of a personal feature or a sign of indifference. It may indicate that your partner isn’t motivated about your relationship. As you probably already know, unrequited love doesn’t make anyone happy.

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