The world has grown more and more intelligent. Before Jesus it was not so intelligent, something was missing. Before Buddha it was not so intelligent, before Mohammed it was not so intelligent. They have all contributed. If you understand rightly, God is not something that has happened, but is happening. God is happening every day. Buddha has created something, Mahavira has created something, Patanjali has created something, Lao Tzu, Zarathustra, Atisha, Tilopa — they have all contributed. God is being created. Let your hearts be thrilled that you can become a creator of God! You have been told again and again that God created the world. I would like to tell you: we are creating God every day. And you can see the changes. If you look in the Old Testament, the words that the God of the Old Testament utters look so ugly. Something seems to be very primitive. The God of the Old Testament says, “I am a very jealous God.” Can you think of God being jealous? “Those who don’t follow me should be crushed and thrown into hellfire. Those who don’t obey me, great revenge will be taken on them.” Can you think of these words being uttered by Jesus? No, the concept of God is being polished every day. The God of Moses is rudimentary; the God of Jesus is far more sophisticated, far more cultured. As man becomes cultured, his God becomes cultured. As man has more understanding, his God has more understanding, because your God represents you. The God of Moses is law, the God of Jesus is love. The God of Buddha is compassion, the God of Atisha is utter emptiness and silence. We are searching for new dimensions of God, we are adding new dimensions to God, God is being created. You are not just a seeker, you are also a creator. And the future will know far better visions of God.


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  4. That’s all lies and this young man lack the insite of God’s word

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