United Troubles Continues

United troubles continues as they were beaten by Liverpool. 3-1  this is the worst send the most remorseful for mourinho the coach of man United fc who had already in the beginning before the match criticized and condemn the coach of Liverpool fc who is jurgen klopp .

The  Portuguese coach who condemned the style of football that jurgen klopp is impacting on his team looked quite cool after the match.

When the referee blew the first whistle liverLive had already put as much pressure as they could on man United . After series of tactic and professional passes Liverpool through the legs of sadio mané scored their first goal to the detriment of United fans and angry David de gea. Manchester united seemed to wake up from their slumber after that goal and with a no mercy spirit and through some amziama passes the equalizer came through the boots of Jesse lingard the young english lad.

During the second half it seems like their was a -kill them all- spirit that was in shaqiri that made him to score that amazing goal to. The reds after this goal seemed very downcast that they can’t do anything thus giving Liverpool an opportunity to smash them. Shaqiri again came at the dying moment to finish man unied of with a wonderful kick makoma it 3-1 hmmm.

After all the boasting by man United coach Jose Mourinho he came to anfield and lost. This is given us a lot of things to say about Mourinho , firstly, people are now of the opinion they he now depends and dwell in past glory. Secondly, he blames his players

Let’s just watch and see if he would be sacked . Do you think he will


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  1. he should b sacked

  2. Mouriho have really damage the culb for us

  3. He need to sack

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