Vamalin now use in preserving meat

here’s chemical used to preserve dead
bodies is now use in preserving meat, as they keep flies away. When I asked a
pharmacist Capt. Kenneth, member of UPDF, he said it’s possible.
This is a national public health issue. After my friend’s wife lost a
baby through miscarriage, an investigations showed the presence
of vamalin in her blood. When consumed, vamalin goes to the liver
and destroys it.
Please, people of God this is serious. When u go to buy meat, go
to a butcher that has flies around. Use this as the only way to
confirm that there is no vamalin present. If the meat is without
flies, what is keeping them away is vamalin. Be informed.


  1. Good

  2. Nice one

  3. We need to be careful with what they feed us with

  4. God have mercy on us.

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