Vanguard and sun newspaper under heavy bribery allegation on IPOB sit at home saga-Family Writer Press

Vanguard & Sun newspaper editors under heavy pressure to
accept bribe from South East governors to change their headline
tomorrow regarding IPOB sit-at-home
Both the Federal government and State government is doing all
they can to influence the final outcome of the stories that would be
finally published tomorrow. They want them to kill the truth and
write that the stay at home was a failure. The battle is on.
The battle field now,is the news rooms from now till 11 p.m. when
the papers go to press. Negotations are ongoing, stupendous
offers are being made. Any changes could be made within the next
8 hours. Nigeria stinks and that was why Trump it a shot-hole.
The media are under intense pressure to change the story by killing
the truth and writing the exact opposite. The pressure on them is
Those that can, go to the websites of Vanguard, Sun, Punch,
Guardian, Nation, Daily Tryst, New Telegraph, Authority and News
Agency of Nigeria and post photos and short videos of our
successful sit-at-home. We must not relent. If we stop sharing and
circulating pictures and stories of the sit-at-home, our enemies will
change the story.

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  1. Ipob really fighting hard

  2. Hmmmm so much

  3. So serious

  4. Uhmmm
    This is serious

  5. jokers

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