Vice presidency is not recognised in Nigeria

As people all over Nigeria including Biafra people are getting easily
hoodwinked from the political mathematics of the Fulani Caliphate
in due to the Vice President slot zoned to Igbos by People
Democratic Party (PDP), I am moved into making relevant inquiries
into the usefulness of Vice President Position in Nigeria. I am still
trying to find out the impact of Vice President since the creation of
Nigeria and I can’t find any impact to lay hand upon. I now wonder
what some of our people saw in “VP slot” that makes them think
that they have gotten alternative to Biafra Independence. Some
people are already singing songs of arrival as if what we are
talking about in the first place is a political position in the
dysfunctional colonial experiment called Nigeria. But not even the
position of President of Nigeria can be equal to our collective
yearning for Biafra independence.
All those people being hoodwinked by the political offer of VP slot
by PDP, should know that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu rejected this same
VP when he was asked to drop Biafra agitation because he knew
that VP slot is a useless position in decision making as far as
Nigeria is concerned. Purse and reflect on the past Vice Presidents
of Nigeria since its creation and their possible achievement as it
concerns policy making, designs and implementations in Nigeria.
That position is as weak as local government chairman position
which no reasonable Biafran should rejoice for because it was
zoned out to Ndigbo or any part of Biafra.
Those of you asking IPOB to reconsider their decision on election
boycott because of a useless Vice President position hoped to be
given to Igbo person which will have no impact in the lives of our
people should be ashamed of yourselves. IPOB is not shifting
ground on election boycott. Even if they make Peter Obi the
President of Nigeria, the people of Biafra must continue to agitate
for Biafra independence until Biafra referendum is conducted.
IPOB is not interested in who emerged as President or Vice
President of Nigeria. It is only Biafra referendum that will settle our
issues in Nigeria and not political position. Living together
shouldn’t be by force, allow Referendum to be conducted so that
we shall determine our fate in Nigeria.

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