Waist training, side effects you didn’t know.

Waist trainers are considered to be the new craze out there now. A good number of the female population has embraced the use of corsets and waist trainers in order to make their waist narrower and ultimately achieve an hour-glass figure.
Everyone seems to be caught in this new craze, and celebrities like Kylie Jenner and one of the Kardashian sisters aren’t left out. However, what no one seems to be talking about is the not-so-pleasant side effects of using waist trainers.
It can cause organ shift
Consistent use of waist trainers or a corset upsets the normal position of your internal organs. The pressure on your body, most especially your abdomen, causes the upper organs to move upwards and lower organs are pushed downwards. This later results in heartburn, constipation, and ultimately acid reflux.
It doesn’t help you lose body fat
Waist trainers only make you look slimmer when you are wearing it, get it off and your body reverts to its normal shape.
Health complications
Prolonged use of waist trainers could possibly give you the hour-glass figure you so desire. However, it’s at the expense of your health. You stand at risk for health issues ranging from dehydration, kidney and lung issues, weakening of the back, and abdominal muscles.
It poses long-term health risks for young people
Waist trainers aren’t meant for children and teenagers whose body isn’t fully developed. The use of corsets amongst the younger generation should be discouraged because of the high level of harm it could do to their still-developing body.


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