Watermelon seed and its health benefits

watermelon seeds are packed with BIG health benefits. Yeah , if
you’ve been told never to eat watermelon seeds, we’re here to
bring you good news. You can eat them! And in fact, for whole-
body health, they’re a natural choice. Let’s take a look at what the
seeds contain and some benefits of these amazing seeds…
Watermelon seeds nutritional facts: On nutritional value, these
seeds are loaded with many important nutrients. The seeds are
having protein, essential fatty acid, vitamins, and minerals. On
mineral front, they are having iron, magnesium, potassium,
sodium, zinc, copper and manganese. Many important amino acids
like arginne, lysine, tryptophan and glumatic acid are present in it.
It is also loaded with essential fatty acid such as oleic acid,
linoleum acid, etc. On vitamin side, It has vitamin B complex.
Sexual health: The seeds are loaded with many important
amino acids like arginine, lysine and glutamic acid. The presence
of arginine amino acid boosts your sexual power and helps to
urges your sexual desire. The lycopene in the seeds helps in the
formation of sperm.

other health benefits of water melon seed are;

  1. Combatting Diabetes: The seeds are effective to certain extent
    in lowering down sugar level in blood thus helpful to treat Diabetes
  2. To control sugar, one has to take tea of watermelon seeds.
    Diabetes patients can use watermelon seeds as part of their
    medication. Boil watermelon seeds for 40-45 minutes. Then drink
    it as if you drink tea everyday. Magnesium in the seeds regulates
    metabolism of carbohydrate, which directly impact blood sugar
  3. Controls Blood Pressure: Protein in watermelon seeds contains
    several amino acid. One of them is arginin. Arginin is essential for
    controlling our blood pressure and healing coronary heart disease.
    The others amino acid in watermelon seeds include tryptophan,
    glutamate acid, and lisin. The mineral that dominates most of
    watermelon seeds is magnesium. Magnesium has essential
    function for our health, especially for our heart because it controls
    our blood pressure as well as the carbohydrate metabolism in our
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