Ways to gets him interested in you without even sleeping with him

Men are natural hunters. It’s ingrained in their DNA and a basic
part of their biological makeup. You can’t change it, so you can
either work against it (which is like banging your head against a
brick wall) or accept it and use it to your advantage to make a man
want you more.
For most men, the pursuit of a woman needs to naturally
culminate in sexual intercourse. Once a man realizes this isn’t a
possibility, it may be tough to keep his interest.
But maybe you just aren’t ready to take that next step in the
Maybe you have a really good reason for trying to keep a man
interested without taking him into the bedroom. If so, then there
are a number of ways you can capture a man’s heart without
resorting to s3x
Let’s briefly discuss how to keep a man interested without sleeping
with him.
Look, I know it may not seem like much, but scientific studies
have demonstrated that scent is the strongest sense tied to
memory. Use it to your advantage.
Buy a unique scent: something you love that perfectly fits you.
Wear it only around the man you want. You’ll be amazed at the
lasting effect this can have on how he perceives you and how
much he thinks about you.
When you aren’t around, he’ll miss it. When you are around, it will
stimulate and arouse him. Pretty soon, he’ll want you around all
the time. Your scent can have a magical effect. Don’t neglect it.

We aren’t talking electrocution! We’re talking spontaneity.
Be spontaneous! Men get bored easily by dull routines, so surprise
your man on a frequent basis.
Make plans he wasn’t expecting. Book a fun weekend for two in a
town or a state you’ve never visited before. Explore the weird and
quirky things about your city and your surroundings.
Just make sure to take his schedule into consideration. If he has a
stressful and busy week of work ahead, don’t expect him to be
thrilled about a trip you’ve planned that will put him even further
Another way to be spontaneous is to change up your appearance
frequently. Most men have the fantasy of being with many
different attractive women throughout their lifetime. If you want to
keep a man interested, change your hair style from time to time,
color your hair and change from a blonde to a brunette or vice
versa, wear a sexy outfit he’s never seen you in before, workout
regularly, etc.
To keep him interested, keep him guessing and make him feel like
he’s with a new and exciting woman all the time! Give him the
variety he craves, and he’ll have no reason to stray.
When guys and girls tell each other the first thing they look for in a
member of the opposite sex is a sense of humor, they’re not lying.
The ability to make someone smile and laugh is easily one of the
most important aspects of attraction and an awesome way to keep
a man interested. It alleviates tension, lightens the mood, displays
intelligence, and makes a man feel incredible when he’s around
Keeping a man interested without sleeping with him requires that
you make him feel “highs” every time he’s around you. A great
way to do this is through communication. It’s not just about
humor. It’s also about the exact words and phrases you say to a
man. Check out Obsession Phrases by Kelsey Diamond to learn
more about what to say to a man to keep him addicted to you.
Good stuff!
You can’t put a price on funny, so keep your man laughing, and
you’re sure to hook his heart.
A lot of women feel like the men they date don’t pay enough
attention to them and don’t take a genuine interest in their lives.
But the truth is, many men feel the same way.
Taking an active and genuine interest in each other’s lives is a two-
way street! If you’re looking for him to take an interest in you,
there’s no better way than by showing him you’re willing to do the
If you’re not ready to sleep with him, be sure to get involved with
the things he loves. It won’t kill you to spend a Sunday afternoon
watching football with him and his friends from time to time. If he
loves camping and fishing, don’t be afraid to pitch a tent and get a
little dirty.
Remember, many other women aren’t willing to do those things.
Make yourself stand out and keep him interested in you and only
you by finding ways to have fun together, regardless of the
activity. He’ll love you for it!

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