We are not aware of Innoson supreme court rulings – GTbank

Gtbank denies Innoson Motors supreme court ruling report, says
that was a false and mischievous rumour
The attention of GTBank has been drawn to false, mischievous and
malicious statements circulating in the news and social media in
respect of a purported directive by the Supreme Court of Nigeria to
the Bank to make payments to one of its debtor Customers.
The Bank’s Customers and the General Public are hereby kindly
urged to disregard these false statements as nothing could be
further from the truth. There was no directive or Order issued by
the Supreme Court of Nigeria to the Bank to make any payment to
any of its debtor Customers.
The Bank as a highly responsible corporate citizen will in
accordance with its culture and tradition refrain from making
comments about on-going litigation matters and will continue to
focus on using legal means to recover its bad debts. It must be
emphasised that the Bank remains undeterred in its recovery drive
against recalcitrant debtors.
We again reiterate that there is no iota of truth in the falsehood
being peddled by desperate and mischievous elements and the
General Public should disregard same in its entirety.
The Bank remains committed to providing best-in-class customer
experience to all its valued Customers.
We thank you for your continued support and patronage.
For the bank,

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