The pioneer of the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, Shettima Yerima has said that Nigerians needn’t bother with President Buhari in the up and coming 2019 races.
Yerima, in a current meeting with Sun, trusts that Buhari has nothing else to offer Nigerians. He asked Nigerian adolescents to get their PVCs, take an interest and choose a youngster. In his words;
“My position is that we truly needn’t bother with individuals like Buhari in 2019. It is currently certain that the adolescent would never again be permitted to be utilized by any lawmaker any longer. Anyone over 60 ought to go and rest gently or backpedal to the ranch or accomplish something contrastingly for himself. ”
“That is my position on the issue. Obviously, clearly this legislature can’t do anything from now till the following one year. Officially two years down the line, we have not seen anything. I don’t see the administration doing any enchantment or playing out any wonder in the following one year.”
“It isn’t conceivable in light of the fact that the legislative issues of 2019 has just begun. A few of us have been sufficiently tolerant to check whether we can see something other than what’s expected from what has been occurring. Of all they said in regards to the change mantra, we have seen that there is not all that much and the circumstance is far more detestable than what we used to have.”
“Along these lines, to that degree, the fight line is drawn. Come 2019, we would never again squander our chance on any old legislator. The old lawmaker both in the Senate, presidential seat and all that ought to backpedal home and rest. They can’t utilize their yesterday and utilize our today. They can’t squander their own age and keep on wasting our own. The gathering is finished and it is about another first light. ”
“Regardless of whether you are from the North, South or wherever, we should cooperate to take care of business this time around. In 2019, I will crusade that any young is urged to get his PVC. ”
“That is their energy. Through appointive procedures, we would guarantee that we render those old men jobless. There is no backpedaling about that. In this way, my own particular position is that whether they perform or not which is even unthinkable, they ought to go. My position is certain that anyone over 60 years ought to go and rest. We can’t keep on managing all these old legislators. ”
“We can’t keep on being ‘take a seat and look’ individuals. Our ‘mumu is alright for the present’. We have more youthful men who are exceptionally able and would take the nation to the following level. Anyone over 60 who is against our age is submitting suicide in light of the fact that our age has grown up and we should stand the difficulties. ”
“Power isn’t given by anyone, it is taken and a period has wanted our age to take a seat together. Regardless of our disparities, we need to guarantee that we propel the nation with the goal that our nation can move toward becoming what it ought to be and we can construct the country we had always wanted.”


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