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As the government of United States of America is planning to sell
some fighter jets to Nigeria government, which are expected to be
used to fight terrorism; the people of Biafra are however, calling on
the government of United States of America not to sell any war
aircraft to Nigeria government due to erroneous claim of fighting
terrorism. Instead of United States of America selling fighter jets to
Nigeria government to fight terrorism, let the government of
America use her powers and influence as the police of the world to
support total dissolution of Nigeria, as that alone will bring an end
to terrorism in West Africa once and for all.
There are proven evidences that Nigeria government under
President Muhammadu Buhari is breeding terrorism and spreading
same around Africa, instead of fighting the terrorism. Therefore, if
the government of United States of America is truly interested in
ending terrorism in Africa and beyond, let the American
government wade into the plight of Africans and dissolve Nigeria
and permanently end terrorism in Africa.
It is noteworthy that Nigeria government has been shielding and
protecting Fulani herdsmen terrorists in Nigeria, with Nigerian
military and security agents even acting as accomplices at the
areas where the killings of helpless Christian people are taking
place. The terrifying jihadist herders are being armed and supplied
with assorted riffles from Nigerian military armoury, in order to
continue the onslaught against the helpless Christian communities
across Nigeria.
Nigerian government has defiantly made Northern Nigeria
territories a breeding ground for terrorism. The international
community has persistently been dishing out millions of dollars as
aide to combat terrorism and to rehabilitate the internally displaced
people in North Eastern Nigeria. However, Nigerian government in
turn makes use of the same aides in buying arms for both Boko
Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists.
The only thing that American government will do to save Africa
from the menace of terrorism is not selling fighter jets to Nigeria
government, rather, let American government and the international
community facilitate the dissolution of Nigeria and uproot
terrorism completely out of Africa.
For the information of United States of American government,
Nigerian government uses these fighter jets when successfully
purchased to convey and distribute arms and weapons to the
terrorists in Northern Nigeria during the time of the massacre of
helpless Christian communities. Example of what I am saying here
is what happened recently in Taraba State where an eye witness
confirmed to Family Writers Press correspondents that it is a
fighter jet belonging to Nigeria Air Force that was dropping arms
and weapons to Fulani herdsmen during the massacre of the
indigenous people of Taraba State. Till today, it is not on record
that Nigeria government has invited the Chief of Air Staff, Air-
Marshall Abubakar Sadiq for questioning over the complaints of
the eye witnesses, neither has Nigeria government arrested any of
the Fulani herdsmen responsible for the killings across the
It is upon this ground that the people of Biafra deemed it
necessary to call on the American government to help Africa by
dissolving Nigeria in order to end terrorism in Africa, instead of
selling fighter jets to Nigeria government who indirectly empowers
the terrorists to be terrorizing the people of Africa.
Nigeria government has no interest in fighting terrorism. Any
media claim of Nigeria government in fighting terrorism is a cheap
propaganda targeted at deceiving the world. How can Nigerian
government be releasing Boko Haram terrorists captured during
exchange of gun fire with Nigeria military, instead of prosecuting
them and at same time be claiming to be fighting terrorism in
Terrorism will not stop in Nigeria so far as Western World continue
to ignore the fact that Nigeria government is breeding terrorism
and spreading same across Africa and beyond.
If the government of United States and European Union fail to
override all the protocols governing sovereignty of nations
enjoyable by Nigeria government which is her hideout in impunity,
by dissolving Nigeria to end terrorism in Africa, then all the people
of Africa will understand that there is a systematic conspiracy
against Africa from Western world.
In conclusion, the people of Biafra are telling the US government
that what is important to the people of Africa is dissolution of
Nigeria, so that terrorism will end in Africa. It is not selling fighter
jets to Nigeria government, because it will be used to clampdown
on innocent civilians of Biafra as a result of their quest to restore
Biafra sovereignty. American government should help Africa now
by supporting Nigeria breakup and ending the escalation of
terrorism in the country.

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