We Have Been Insanely Complacent – Peter Obi

Nigerians have been insanely complacent with their leaders while they get away with every atrocity. The led do not ask questions even where it is glaring that the leader is doing the wrong thing. This is one of the major reasons why the country is collapsing, posited the former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi.
Obi was speaking as the guest lecturer during the Annual Law Week organized by the Nigeria Bar Association, Imo State Chapter and held at the Villa Garden Hotels, Owerri on 27 April, 2018. The theme was The Restructuring Of Nigeria; a critical analysis.
He did not see the reason why Nigerians celebrate mediocrity as well as encourage corruption instead of challenging and fighting against such impunities.
‘’If a man who had no bicycle becomes ordinary Local Government Chairman, builds a house, buys a car within six months of assuming such office, then invites the priest or pastor to come over to ‘bless’ these fraudulently gotten acquisitions…while the man of God would be blessing and calling on God to bless and provide for this thief, all the congregation would be shouting Amen. Amen? When they know the man stole their money? Instead of calling the police they’re shouting Amen!’’
While the general laughter that trailed the example flowed, Obi got down to practicalities. He told the very attentive audience why he fought for his mandate and kept on it for three good years. He said many people called him, came to him and told him to drop the case and allow the man already occupying the position to continue since the man was doing reasonably well in governance.
‘’Even bishops told me to allow the man and withdraw my case. But I said NO. That I was interested in proving that the man came into the office through a wrong process and should vacate the position. That was the only way to protect our democracy. In the end I got my mandate back and used the eight years available to me to try to do things the right way. I tried to remove bottlenecks and toll gates in governance. Those were the bedrock of corruption, characterized by over invoicing to service all the toll gates. I’m not saying I am a saint but any day anybody can provide an over-invoiced receipt of contract during my time in office, I will quit talking on any stage.’’
Obi called on Nigerians to challenge evil instead of celebrating with the perpetrators. ‘’This attitude is what I call being insanely complacent. We can’t talk of restructuring without changing this attitude,’’ Obi added.

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