We hope for free and fair election come 2019-Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari Tuesday in Abuja assured Nigerians
and international community that the forthcoming general elections
in 2019 will be free and fair, saying it will usher the country into
another clime of maturity, peace and unity.
President Buhari, who received Letters of Credence from four
ambassadors at the State House, including the Ambassador of the
Peoples’ Republic of Japan, Mr Yutaka Kikuta, said the country’s
political and electoral institutions have continued to evolve in
strength, skill and experience after each election.
“We are currently at the threshold of another general election and
after five general elections in the country since 1999, we expect
that the 2019 elections will be free and fair.
“The political system is good and if people work hard they will
succeed,’’ the President said.
President Buhari also said the increase in number of political
parties that will field candidates in 2019 elections indicates more
democratic consciousness among Nigerians and willingness to
serve the country.
Receiving Letter of Credence from the Ambassador of the Russian
Federation, Alexey Shebarshin, the President noted that
discussions on reviving the Ajaokuta Steel Complex, partnerships
in agriculture and other bilateral interests in trade and economic
development will be sustained, commending the country for always
standing by Nigeria.
“We have opened discussions on the Ajaokuta Steel Complex, and
we will continue,’’ President Buhari added.
The President told the Ambassador of the Federative Republic of
Brazil, Richardo Guerra De Araujo, that the historical ties between
both countries and the shared potentials for growth will be further
explored, with strong emphasis on economic and social
He said the number of Nigerians in Brazil already provide a strong
reason for deeper and richer discussions for both countries.
Receiving the Letter of Credence of the Ambassador of United Arab
Emirates, Fahad Al Taffaq, President Buhari assured him that
Nigeria remains committed to strengthening the bilateral
relationship that has existed between both countries for many
The President said the courtesies extended to Nigerians in the
United Arab Emirates was commendable, assuring the envoy that
his administration will continue to strengthen business and trade
relations between both countries.
In his remarks, the Ambassador of Japan said his country
remained grateful for Nigeria’s concern and support during the
flooding that devastated the country, promising to work hard to
further enhance relations in technology, agriculture and trade.
The Ambassadors of Russia, Brazil and United Arab Emirates
assured the president that they will work hard to ensure improved
relations in key sectors of the economy, while wishing Nigeria the
best in the forthcoming elections.

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