We must kick Africans out, they have no culture

Israeli MP
During an interview with Avi Yemeni, an Israeli-Australian pro-
Israel activist, on July 27, Hazan further said that African
immigrants were a threat to Israel and would destroy the country.
“If we don’t kick them out they will kick us out. We need to destroy
the problem when it is still small,” said Hazan.
During the interview, Hazan said the Africans were not refugees
but economic migrants before making further derogatory remarks.
However, his comments and statements have not been condemned
by the Likud party led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Israel came under strong criticism for its mass deportation of
Africans earlier in the year with protests breaking out in the
country and human rights organisations condemning the move and
the inhumane way the Africans were treated.
Earlier in the year Hazan’s interviewer, Avi Yemeni who is a rightist
activist, also started a petition in Australia to help what he
described as the “persecuted white minority” of South Africa
stating that whites “were facing genocide” in the southern African
He attended a pro-refugee rally in Melbourne and got into verbal
arguments with people protesting in support of African refugees,
heckling them he asked why they didn’t support South Africa’s
“persecuted whites”.

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