Wedding isn’t a guarantee for a successful marrriage

Wedding is induction to marriage. Honeymoon is introduction to marrriage. You don’t settle for wedding, neither do you bank on what you enjoyed during courtship and engagement.

Marrriage is responsibility and continuous responsibility from both
spouse, when this is not understood, you might wake up one day
and decide to walk out of your marriage because of silly complain
and gossips from those that are envying you.

Listen, Marriage comprises of emotional, physical, financial and spiritual responsibilities. Beware, Marriage is much more than she is
beautiful with best body shape, cute butt and boob or he is
handsome, caring and spends on me.

These are secondarily. Marriage should be viewed and reviewed from the inside out perceptive before saying, yes i do on wedding day. Marriage is indeed much more and you have to be prepared for the much more emotionally, physically, financially and also spiritual dramas in it to survive.

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