Weird things women do as soon as they find out they are pregnant

When the results read positive, your emotions go on a rampage! It’s one thing to be yearning to conceive and it is another story entirely when you are caught totally off-guard by pregnancy news, yours!
So, what are the crazily-weird things women do as soon as they discover they are pregnant?! We’ve got some really cute stuff women do plus the straight out crazy acts others jump into.
Go on a drinking spree
Nothing alcoholic this time, just a very large bucket of ice-cream to kill the edge! This is what happens when one moment you’re enjoying your life with no responsibilities whatsoever then out of the blue you find out you’re about to be a mother!
Get obsessed
For those really desperate for the fruit of the womb, finding out they are with a child is obviously great news! But a good number of women in this category tend to take things to the extreme by throwing themselves completely into shopping for baby clothes, planning a nursery, getting hooked to the baby world and fussing over their still-flat tummy.
Plan their own murder
Being pregnant is a good thing no doubts but for someone who’s petrified at thought of being a mother and everything in between, pregnancy could be accepted with deep dread and foreboding.
Start skimping on meals
The odd thing here is that pregnancy is supposed to make some women glow and become robust with child and good health. However, die-hard fitness freaks make not gaining any extra pounds their full-time job.


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