What a dishonest morally pliable human in Garba Shehu – Reno Omokri

Garba Shehu dishonest, blame Oriented, morally pliable – Reno
My attention has been drawn to attacks on my character by
Malam Garba Shehu, spokesman to President Muhammadu
Buhari. Not content with his ad hominem attacks on former First
Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, Garba has turned his attention to
me. I congratulate him.
For historical purposes, let me state that It was Garba who first
came for me after I proved him a liar for his claim that any attempt
to vote out the All Progressive Congress and vote in the Peoples
Democratic Party In next year’s elections would mean that Dame
Patience will benefit as a ‘looter’. I proved that not only was this
not true, but that Garba Shehu himself is a part and parcel of the
In his statement calling me a liar, Garba claims that I alleged that
he was a Special Assistant in the Buhari Administration for five
years. That claim is either a function of dishonesty or semi literacy
because I never made such a claim. I said that Garbs was a
Special Assistant in the Obasanjo administration and served that
government and the PDP for years.
This is a fact and no lie from Garba can change that. Next up, I
thank God that Garba Shehu DID NOT deny writing anti Buhsri
statements. But how could he, when I have proof? I must
commend him for his honesty in that regard. Let me now take up
Malam Garba Shehu’s other points one by one and expose him for
the liar that he is. Yes, in 2003 when I returned from England, I was
a Personal Assistant to a principal officer in the Obasanjo
I was a young man in my 20s and I distinguished myself as my
boss attested to. I never claimed to be otherwise. However, my
office was opposite Garba Shehu’s office as I wrote previously. I
thank Garba Shehu for saying I was “personable”, but the truth is
the truth. I remind Garba that that principal officer is still alive and
well as are other witnesses. But even if Garba Shehu denies that
his office was opposite mine, at least he was forced to admit that
he worked at the Presidential Villa at the same time I did for a PDP
Since that is the case, what moral standing does Garba Shehu
have for today writing and releasing statements against the same
Peoples Democratic Party administration and officials that he once
served as an SA Media? Garba Shehu says he is not an AGIP (Any
Government in Power), but then the facts contradict this. What do
you call a man who now issues statements for a man and a party
he once attacked against the men and party he once praised? I
CAN NEVER DO THAT! Garba is the dog that returned to his vomit.
Between Garba Shehu, a man who serves the people he once
attacked and myself, a man who had remained loyal to my party in
and out of power, who has moral authority? If those things Garba
once wrote against Buhari are true, then why is Garba Shehu
serving Buhari today? If those things which he wrote were lies,
then why did Garba Shehu write them? I await Garba Shehu’s
answer. And to show how much of a liar Garba Shehu is, he is
toddy claiming that the visa on arrival policy of the Nigerian
government is an achievement of the Buhari administration.
This policy was a policy initiated by the Jonathan administration
and the Buhari government has no hand in its formulation.
However, when a government is desperate for achievements, it will
clutch at straws. Again, Garba Shehu claimed the Nigerian
Maritime University in Okerenkoko, Delta State as an achievement
of his achievement-less government. Such desperation! A simple
Google search will prove this claim to be a fallacy.
The fact is that nobody in the Buhari administration can take the
Buhari challenge and name even one project that the Buhari
government has initiated, started and completed in the last three
years. This is the reason why paid vuvuzelas of the Buhari
administration will keep directing their fallacious tongues at people
like me who expose their desperate lies.

Can the south east (Igbo speaking tribe) produce the next Nigerian President come 2023?
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