What a people, what a state

The above photo is Oron Road in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom
State, one of the richest States in Nigeria but rated officially as the
State with the second highest unemployment rate in Nigeria by the
National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).
This is the result of years of bad governance and looting of public
funds. There is hardly a family in Akwa Ibom State today without a
tricycle operator or Keke rider.
Over 75% of the population of 4 million people live in abject and
excruciating poverty despite the billions allocated to the State
every month from the Federation Account.
Senator Akpabio as governor received nearly 3 trillion Naira with
nothing significant to show for it except his useless and
abandoned white elephant projects. Yet, many people who are
victims of his misrule resent any suggestion for that murderous,
corrupt and wasteful regime to be probed; a clear example of
suffering and smiling.
Governor Udom Emmanuel has elongated the era of lack of vision
by embarking on senseless and outrageous projects like building a
new governor’s lodge in Lagos, building ecumenical center with a
N10 billion budget and other mundane projects.
In the last 13 years, good governance has eluded Akwa Ibom
State. Few politicians have stolen so much money to the extent
that some people are believed to be richer than the State. They
own luxurious homes at home and abroad and multi-billion
investments, most of which are located outside Akwa Ibom State.
Rather than rise up and fight their common enemy which is the
criminal political class that have stolen their collective patrimony,
many people, especially young Akwa Ibom people, are contented
with being Personal Assistants and sycophants to politicians.
They will rather engage in stupid tribal and partisan fights than
unite to reclaim their state from the thieves in power.
The average Annang man believes that Akpabio is a god that
should be celebrated and venerated by all. The average Ibibio man
distrust the Annang man. The average Oron man is suspicious of
other tribes. This stupid tribal politics and division gained currency
under Akpabio. It is Akpabio who sowed the seed of tribal discord
in Akwa Ibom State.
Today, Udom Emmanuel has continued with this debasing culture
by openly portraying himself as an Onna or Awa governor.
The poor people of Ibibio, Annang and Oron extraction rather than
come together to demand good governance are fighting useless
tribal battles. They are only worried about APC and PDP not jobs,
security, health care, education and other social amenities.
I feel sorry for Akwa Ibom State. Slaves in loves with their chains.
Those who are offended by what I have stated here should fault
my claims with facts.
Akwa Ibom people, rise up and fight for your rights. Liberate
yourselves from mental slavery.


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