What does Rt. Hon. Rotimi Ameachi really want? – Anabs Sara-Igbe

Does he truly want the APC to win an election or capture power in
2019 or he wants the Party to lose so that Ikwerre sons will remain
as Governor and Minister?
As the Hon. Minister of Transportation, what is he doing to
reactivate or support our seaports and the International & other
airports in the Niger Delta States, now that the Western Ports of
Apapa and Tincan Isand are congested and the country is losing
millions of dollars daily on demurrage?
What is wrong with the Calabar, Onne, Port Harcourt, Bonny,
Abonnema, Warri, Sapele and Koko Ports that he can not direct the
NPA to divert the stranded vessels to these Ports?
What about the renovations of our Airports in Port Harcourt,
Calabar, Benin, Uyo and Warri? The same airports that he queried
or accused the former President Goodluck Jonathan for not
renovating or reconstructing.
May all those commentators on social media who support and
insult people opposed to Rt. Hon. Rotimi Ameachi please define
democracy? Can we all say that the impunity going on in Rivers
State can be called democracy or autocracy ?
If one man can impose a candidate on the Party with arrogance
and think that his word is final, then he can also win the election
without the views, support and contributions of others. There is
therefore no need to quarrel with him, other than to sit down and
look how his imposition can win the election.
I had repeatedly said that securing the Party ticket as a candidate
of a Political Party is quite different from winning in a general
election. What many persons fail to realise or understand is that,
Rt. Hon Rotimi Ameachi has more known and unknown enemies in
and outside of the state, to the extent that any candidate he
presents to Rivers people might not be able to win an election.
I am very much convinced that there is an Ikwerre Agenda,
otherwise, if Rt. Hon. Rotimi Ameachi is not playing an Ikwerre
Agenda, he would have started making peace, reconciliation and
mobilisation moves across the state, rather than dividing and
driving away members from the Party with impunity.
If APC as a Party wants to win an election in 2019, then we should
not sit back but stop this nonsense and start thinking and working
like a people who are interested in winning an election.
Sycophantic behaviour of insulting other people’s views will only
deprive us further, from winning the 2019 elections in the state.
I can assure you that most persons who are making noise today,
will not like to remain in a sinking boat but will rather jump out to
The opponent on the other hand, will be laughing at APC and
Ameachi for parading himself as the king of Rivers politics when in
actual sense we are a bunch of divided and directionless party in
the state.
The Kalabaris can not be fooled just because we are looking for a
Kalabari Governor. We have supported other ethnic nationalities in
both the old and new Rivers State to produce the Governor of
Rivers State including the Rt. Hon. Rotimi Ameachi. Therefore he
doesn’t need to insult us with his Ikwerre Agenda because we need
a Kalabari Governor.
Let me also clear the current issue of Rt. Hon. Rotimi Ameachi
imposing Arch. Tonye Dele Cole on the Party. I agree that Arch.
Tonye Dele Cole is the first son of a respected Kalabari Chief ‘His
Excellency Ambassador (Dr) Patrick Dele Cole’, which makes him a
Kalabari son from Abonnema.
The problem Arch. Tonye Dele Cole has is that he does not relate
with his Kalabari brothers and sisters before and even now.
He is seen as a complete stranger even in his Jack’s Compound,
Abonnema. At least, one will expect that for somebody who is
interested in running for an election of this magnitude, he ought to
inform his Kalabari people, as they say charity begins at home.
Failure to communicate with his Kalabari brothers and sisters itself
is a major source of crises and set back.
If Rt. Hon. Rotimi Ameachi truly mean well, he would have used
wisdom not to sow the seed of discord between the Kalabaries and
the Ogonis, who are long time political allies in the state. The both
enthnic group needs each other to win an election. Except the
whole idea is for him to say he has given an opportunity to Opobos
to produce the Governor and it failed, and has also given the
Kalabaries and it also failed, just to deceive the people.
APC is an opposition Party in the State, there is therefore the
needs for an acceptable candidate by majority of the people in the
party and to a large extend the state.
The creme de la creme of the Political Class are not comfortable
with the attitude of Rt. Hon. Rotimi Ameachi and as such are not
willing to join the Party. Some of them are standing by to see who
the Governorship Candidate will be before joining force to remove
the incumbent but this so called anointing has become a very bitter
pill to swallow for several reasons.
My advice therefore is to allow a free and fair direct Primaries to
choose the flag bearer who will be able to defeat the incumbent in
a general election.
I duff my hat for the likes of Senator Magnus Abe and Chief Dumo
Lulu Briggs, who came out openly to say that they will contest the
Primary Election of the Party for the people to decide who should
bear the flag of APC in the forth coming Governorship election in
the state, rather than allowing the imposition by one man who says
he is the Leader and everybody should follow him.
The electorates are watching as the events develop. I say it as I
see it and this is not a hate speech.

Do you support calls for President Buhari resignation?
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