What every woman need to know before marriage

Your butt and boobs doesn’t make you sensible. Yes, lots of men
will chase you because you’re sexy and beautiful but a real man
wants more than just your body. Make up your mind same way
you make up your face.
Again, when a man asks you out, it’s okay to reject him but do that
without being rude. It says a lot about your personality.
If you like a guy, show him. It doesn’t reduce your worth as a
woman. Any man that takes that as demeaning to you is a wrong
Have a vision. Have a purpose. Love, relationship and marriage
doesn’t make you a better woman. Let a man walk into your life
while you’re busy. Don’t wait for a man to come start your life for
you. Make money, get an education, travel the world. Let him meet
you busy.
Be the kind of man you want. His female version.
What will you spend your life doing if there were nothing like
Start doing it now!
See, if a man hits you, leave that relationship. Stop making up
excuses to stay. A man who hits you today will kill you tomorrow if
you stay.
Don’t ever listen to society when you want to do anything that will
give you happiness because somehow society cares about the
male folks than females. Patriarchy is think in Africa.
Have standards when it comes to relationship and marriage and
any man who cannot keep up to it shouldn’t be in your life. Most of
the men who complain about your standards are those who know
they can’t keep it.
Don’t marry or date a man because he helped you maybe
financially. See, marriage is not an appreciation scheme. There
are other ways to be grateful.
Don’t be desperate to be called ‘MRS’. Many want to leave that
status already. Just take enough time to find the kind of man you
want. Better to marry late and marry right than rush into trouble.
One of the reasons you must endeavor to make your own money
as a single woman is that successful women repel low self
esteemed men. All some men have is money, so when you have
same, it makes them feel that they lack the tool to control you.
Have physical spec, it’s okay but remember that the ultimate thing
you need in a man is: a good man, a man without the patriarchal
ego; a man who will be your friend and partner, not Master and
Lord. Marriage is sweet when both are made to feel equal.

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