What i told him when he tried asking me out, unbelievable story

He tried to ask Mariam out all through college, but she kept turning
him down because she was looking for a man who will do minstry,
you know, a Papa from some campus fellowship, anything short of
that is just a guy wasting his time.
Fastforward a few years after college.
Mariam: Hello Bob, how are you? It’s been a long time.
Bob: oh hi Mariam, I’m good. And you?
Mariam: so well. I just thought to say hello today. I am so proud of
the man you have become, who saw this coming? Lol.
Bob: yea, thank you so much. God’s plans are so amazing. No one
can predict who He will use.
Mariam: honestly. Hmmm, you inspire me alot. You are such a
testimony. When I tell my friends I know you personally from
college they can hardly believe it, you are kinda like a mentor to all
my friends. Sometimes I wonder how you got here. Listening to
you teach is shifting my life.
Bob: Glory to God Mariam. I am so glad to be used. To be fair I
didn’t see this coming either.
Mariam: awwnnn! God’s good. Hmmm by the way, how is our
Bob: She’s fine dear, mount zion is doing great.
Mariam: awwwwwwn. To think that all the while in college you
were asking me out and I turned you down, Hmmm, this life!
Bob: (quitely in his thoughts:: yea, thank God You turned me down,
look who I have in my life now. Your rejection was just a
redirection in disguise for me )
Mariam: You know the reason why I kept turning you down was
because you didn’t look like who you have become today, Hmmm.
Bob: (quietly in his thoughts:: no one can tell the beauty of a house
from the foundation, and no one should judge the content of a
book by its cover. You should know that.)
Mariam: There was no evidence of ministry in you at all.
Bob: (quietly in his thoughts:: same way there was no evidence of
ministry in Saul, Peter, Rahab, Mary Magdalene, and Zacchaeus.
Am pretty sure you are a Bible scholar.)
Mariam: no offence but you were still carnal when you were asking
me out. And I didn’t want to be with someone who didn’t have a
ministry potential. Look at you Now? Hmmm.
Dear Campus fellowship Mamas,
I don’t know that your mentors and spiritual authorities must have
told you, I am not trying to change whatever it is you believe in.
But, before you turn that brother down because he doesn’t have
ministry qualities, before you turn down that brother because his
life doesn’t seem to show any evidence of an instrument in God’s
hands, I want you to remember that the hands are not yours, it is
God who has the authority to use him, not you. So it is wiser to
first talk to God who knows the present and the future of his life.
Sometimes these uncles do not even know the big plans God has
for them. Some have no idea. Imagine Joseph asking a woman
out from prison with promises of making her the wife of a prime
minister, how crazy would that be? Imagine Peter taking a girl out
on a date in his boat, assuring her that they would both be fishers
of men, wouldn’t that be crazy? Think of the little David swearing
to a girl that he will kill a Goliath for her? Most men have no idea
who they were born to be, and the potential they carry. And very
often, very unfortunately, you run into these men in their raw form
asking you out, unrefined, with purpose unknown to them or to
anyone, but rather than having a bit of patience to ask God if the
things you are presently looking for in that brother are going to
show up in his future, you turn him down quickly. Some of you are
not even interested in going out for a cup of a coffee if he doesn’t
stand on the pulpit or hang around friends who stand on one.
That’s not right Mama.
Everyone was born to do ministry. Everyone. Some don’t need a
pulpit, they need a marriage. Some don’t need a congregation, they
need staff meetings. Some don’t need to walk around evangelizing,
they need an office. Some don’t need a church, they need a public
bus. We were all born to do ministry. Stop judging by looks and
appearance. Some of you dont bother talking to God because you
are just so confident that you won’t get a conviction praying about
him, says who? You are not the USER, you are only a USED. Let
God give the directions, not you.
I’m saying, no matter how filty or far outside the yoke they come,
you still have to ask God about him, do not conclude by eye gauge,
do not lean on your own understanding. Talk to God about him.
Sometimes Saul comes before the evidence of Paul starts showing
up, most men need a journey to Damascus to discover their
purpose, that journey could be you

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