What is the need of them honouring Abiola when they mastermind his death – Olamide Olayinka

Both Abiola and Gani suffered in the hands of people from one
region, and now been posthumously honoured by someone from
that same region, how convenient?
Where in the article of association of this country was it stated that
the North has the power, to dispense death and honour?
I am meaved that quite a few supposedly informed Yorubas do not
see this for what it’s really all about, a time tested patronising
antics of the fulani oligarchy, which they had played on our
collective intelligence time and time again, very shameful.
Since the Nigeria project started, it has always been our sons and
daughters that has always been martyred for this blood suckling
country and alway in the hands of the foolanis, or their agents.
Adekunle Fajuyi still fresh in the minds of his family, though,
forgotten by an ingrate country, some may argue, Gani died of
cancer, yes, but remember, Gani was never a smoker, the cancer
was induced.
Madams Bisoye Tejuosho, Suliat Adedeji, Kudirat Abiola to
mention a few, all killed like common fowls, what’s in it for them?
Of what use is your GCON to a people whose lives you have no
regards for?
Perhaps, you are telling us that we are your naama, to be killed at
will and then pronounce one yeye title at your convenience, and
that settles it.
I want everyone to see this latest antics for what it’s worth, a
cheap political calculation to MUGUN the YORUBAS, e ma goo o,
iya odun merin ni o, eledumare nikon lo mo aduru eni ti Fulani maa
wa pa nile yoruba ti Buhari ba tun wo le, ife a fe adie ko de’nu o….
YORUBA E RONU OOOOO, mo wi temi no oo.
As for me, I’m not celebrating, there is nothing to celebrate.


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