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What makes you happy is a ‘who’

When it comes to what makes a person truly happy, various people have different answers. Some say that it is in possessions, others say that it is in God but at the heart of it all, I have found that it is not a ‘what’ that makes a person happy but a ‘who’.
I remember that one time, there was a picture circulating on social media. The caption read something like, “money does not buy happiness but it is more comfortable to cry in a BMW than on a bicycle.”
This is similar to the way some ladies will say, “I cannot marry a poor man. It is not about liking money too much but then I cannot come and die o.”
There’s nothing wrong with liking the finer things of life, anyone, who says he or she doesn’t is most likely a hypocrite but then you know that school of thought that says that true happiness can be found in loved ones? This is not far from the truth.
Generally speaking, whether you have love or not, your happiness comes from someone. Even if prefer to amass possession and find happiness in it, your happiness is never truly complete if there are no people to share it with.
Now, ‘sharing’ in this case is relative. For some, they need the people they love to enjoy the luxuries with them while others prefer that people admire their luxuries and wish they (the admirers) could partake. The latter group of people finds happiness in being able to incite jealousy in others. Do you see that even in this self-absorbed definition of happiness people are involved?
In one way or the other, you need people to be happy. So why not just make it worthwhile by building strong, stable relationships? In that way, you can be truly happy.

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