What men really want in a relationship

men want respect and glory. Women do not want love as much as they want a dedicated companion and champion. When a man is s3xually attracted in relationship, he isn’t in the right sense to make decisions concerning marriage or wisely instruct you.

Except he has already made up his mind long a go to get married, waiting for the right woman. However, if you dragged or kidnapped such men into marriage with the s3xual intoxication, he abuses you and still leaves you, adopted by a strange woman.

The readiness of a man is so important in marriage more than the readiness of a woman. If not, you get married today and become single tomorrow. At worst, raising kids without a father’s love and role model present. Resulting to juvenile delinquency.

Be decent, yet a goddess! Stop the seduction dressing codes and the men-sex-marriage idea and hallucination. It isn’t working and has never worked. A man will have s3x with different women, confessed the same thing to them, leave them and when he is ready to get married, he will desperately look for a virgin Mary, well dignified and home trained woman to marry.

You will be there watching, mentally sick and to many repeating the
same cycle year to year, never learnt a thing, still showcasing
themselves extremely seductive.

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