What Nigerians stand to benefits from Buhari re-election come 2019 – APC

The re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019
Presidential election would ensure the permanent return of peace
to Borno State and the North East region, a governorship aspirant
under the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC) from Borno
has said.
Mamman Idris, after the submission of his Nomination and
Expression of Interest forms at the National Secretariat of the party
in Abuja, said the re-election of President Buhari would bring the
needed peace necessary for the economic revival of the region.
Idris said: “We have to build on the success of Mr. President on the
degradation of Boko Haram due to the leadership drive of
President Buhari. It is our believe that if Mr. President is re-elected
for the second term, Boko Haram will be completely eliminated and
the peace that Borno used to enjoy will be restored.
“Invariably, the booming economy that Borno used to enjoy will be
also restored. So it is our prayers and wish that Mr. President is
re-elected so that he can compete the good job he started in Borno
and the Northeast region”.
Idris, who expressed gratitude to Northern Borno elders for
supporting the aspiration of the Southern Borno for the
governorship seat noted that the gesture has dispelled insinuation
of marginalization and the quest of the State for decentralization of
political power.
Idris, from Southern Borno enjoyed the support of Northern Borno,
who purchased the Nomination and Expression of Interest form for
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He said: “I am overwhelmed and humbled by this gesture whereby
my Northern Borno elder were the ones that procure the
Nomination form me, from Southern Borno.
“In reality, Southern Borno has not produced a governor whereas
both North and Central Borno have produced governors three
times. So, this show of solidarity is significant in the history of our
State because it has never happened before.
“This show of solidarity has placed on us a responsibility to have
an all-inclusive government. We cannot afford to do otherwise
because so much faith has been imposed on us by the majority
that has shown us this huge level of support”.
The aspirant said with a 180-page road-map for his governorship
tenure, return and sustenance of peace, as well as revival of Borno
economy through agriculture and industries would be his priority,
“We have to ensure that the people return to the land for
“The people have suffered from years of insurgency that displaced
them, so we have to implement the road-map to the letter so that
the people can return to the land, get back their dignity, reintegrate
them, sustain peace and reconstruct Borno.
“People come from far an near, even outside the country to come
and trade in Borno, but insurgency disrupted everything, so we
have to deliberately plan and execute policies that will bring back

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