What Not To Do In Your Host’s House


The holiday season is here. You will either be a guest or a host. Whenever you are hosting, you want your guests to feel like they are home.

However, when you become a guest there are unwritten and unspoken rules of what to do and what not to do at your host’s house. Here is a list of the forbidden things you must never touch. How would you score as a house guest?

Taking over the laptop

Laptops, computers and mobile phones are private and contain personal information. It is wise to stay off your host’s devices.

If they allow you to use them, resist the temptation to open folders or go through photo galleries and


Snooping around

Unless you are overly familiar with the host or unless they invite you, the bedrooms are out of bounds, especially for a party guest. If you feel you need to lie down, ask to use the beds first.

Even then, do not open wardrobes or rummage through drawers and leave the room as tidy as you found it.

Rummaging through cabinets

Your host’s bathroom cabinet is private as well. They are used to store toiletries and medicine, most of which your host doesn’t want you to see.

If you feel you need medicine, it is better to ask than to rummage through the medicine cabinet. And if you’re staying overnight, always carry your own toiletries and bath supplies.

Opening the refrigerator

Unless your host ushers you to the refrigerator, keep out of it. Most hosts will have everything they want to be used by guests out in the open. Unless they ask you to get ice or chilled drinks, the fridge is out of bounds.

Commandeering the entertainment unit

In as much as it is a party, stay away from the entertainment devices. A party with more than 15 guests has to have a designated person who will choose the music and volume levels. Also, act like you are in Rome and please do what the Romans are doing.

Going upstairs

Most storey houses are built with the upper levels reserved only for bedrooms and other private rooms. Do not go up the stairs unless your host allows you to. If you need to use the bathrooms, use the ones downstairs.

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